Camera Accessories: Custom Software Magic Lantern for Canon DSLR Cameras Reviewed

Magic Lantern is a custom software / firmware that can be installed on Canon DSLR cameras to assist in adjusting settings and helping users take better pictures.

Here are some of the better features of this firmware. Watch and see if this firmware is right for you.


Jay clas says:

this guy is awesome! he really helped me via email!

David Penn says:

If you download Magic lantern you should at least donate a dollar per download. To support all of the hours dedicated towards making it possible.

Chad Sageser says:

Great video, Thanks a bunch saving me a ton of time with my 5D II.

7SERIESfilm says:

I don't have #1 and #2 on my canon t3i

Matt Miklas says:

When doing timelapse, does ML give you a little preview movie using the TL frames that you can view in-camera before you download the files? Thanks for this vid, too.

BenMorrisWA says:

would i be safe with the beta on the 70d

Tonahuac Theonewhocarriesthelight says:

Too many bugs on 70D, it crashes too much.

Levi Brinkerhoff says:

Thank you for the video! I just installed ML on my t5i and your videos were the first ones I checked out to learn how to use it. I do have a question though, ML is saying that my camera is 49*C after about 20 minutes of shooting. What temperatures should start having me concerned? Thanks!

Matt Kid Wonder says:

Is there an Alpha build for the 700d? Because I followed your tutorial on how to install ML and I downloaded the Nightly build. Its working perfectly though so no worries. Just want to know how much of a risk I took lol

tclarke971 says:

Great tips. Thanks for all your help.

Kizzay says:

Does the magic lantern also works on the Canon 750d? Can't find any information on the internet if it works on this camera..

MrDardo Films says:

very helpful

Hollywood4Fun says:

I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest build of ML for Dec 2015.

Vicky Boboma says:

what about canon 100d ?

Daniel Asadi says:

Is Magic lantern works with Canon 7D mark ii too?

Leo Loyola says:

How about for pictures

Amodh Naik says:

where is that battery percentage option? i only got the graphical one, it isn't showing specific percentage.

David C says:

lets say you run out of space on the cf card for pictures . You need to changed your card. Would the magic lantern still works??

Jasper Toeli says:

great video! how do show battery% in live view?

Peter Richey says:

looks like there is nothing in Magic Lantern I need. Thanks!

Joe Bussiere says:

is there something like this for the g7x

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