Camera Accessories: Trigger Trap, External Battery Charger, Organizer and Olympus Air

Four great accessories for the camera lover to get better organized. See if these will be helpful to you.



Jamie Morgan says:

OK I love you guys but please do not repeat items.  Enough already for the dongle

jamal kandal says:

Sir,in nikon 5200 how can we rotate the focusing points on shooting mode

tronkel1 says:

Very smart ideas here. Thanks!

Jeffrey Cheng says:

Would love to see how that trigger trap really works.

RickBSO says:

Hi Toby, I just used your link to get the triggertrap from B&H for my Sony A7-MK2 but I only see that hey have them for Canon and Nikon, are they made for the Sony? Thanks.


fetzinger10 says:

I need the Triggertrap!!

Dastardly Donnie says:

And………. for those who do not have a "SMART PHONE"????? Seriously — I don't have one….. so am I limited to a COMPUTER or simply "limited" by being cheap?? 🙂

I went to TRIGGER TRAP and all I found was more "confusion"; I believe I am the old geezer who cannot be taught the "new tricks". AM I WRONG?? I HOPE SO! :)

Rick Estrada says:

That roll up pouch is sweet!

Bogdan Dulgheru says:

No Windows Phone applicatin for trigger trap … so is USELESS!!!

Always Adventuring says:

Moment lenses work well if you don't want to spend 300 on the Olympus Air

Sijo Peter says:

Does Trigger trap For Android have all the feature of its counter part in IOS? .I have heard people complaining About lack of features in Android .

Eddie Delreal says:

what do you use to edit your videos?:)

mcol3 says:

Day 6? The video says 5! :)

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