Camera External Flash Review: Discussion on Flash Options for your Camera – Yongnuo Flash – YN468II, 568 and 565 Highlighted

Great in-depth discussion on what external flashes are available for your camera and how they compare to each other. Watch and learn something.


Polii Garay says:

Hello theere, the yn468ii works on canon 700D?

john gabriel says:

Hello Toby! whta is the flash name that does ETTL on and off cam? please advise.

Zodstone says:

thank you!

Đăng Hoàng says:

HI you. I am your fans. can you help me set up some things.
I have a flash light. that's name : Altura Photo KM0403 Professional Flash Kit, and my camera is canon 70D.
can you help me how to set up that flash. I like your videos, and I hope you to answer me by the same video !

James Savak says:

great tutorial for Yongnuo but the most difficult thing about 568 EXII is knowing which button to push simultaneously to bring up the slave or master functionon the external flash. Its seems very difficult to bring up on the flash"s lcd display which makes it frustrating when you are out with a client to do portrait shots

Tamer Shouman says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I'm buying now the Yn568EXII and I've canon 1100d, does it have wireless flash capability that will work with this flash? as I've checked the menu but there is no this option. do I've to buy one of these wireless radio triggers?

Paul Hubbard says:

Hello. I was wondering if you knew what the best yongnuo flash is right now. Thanks :)

DK Pro Channel says:

hi, the yn-565 ex II works on canon 70D ?

Rounuk Kumaran says:

Does the YongNuo YN-468 II Speedlite support Hi-Speed sync ?

Luís Dionísio says:

Hello Toby
Thank you for this great educative video and all the others.
I was looking but i couldn't find any information about the compatibility of the YN468II with the Canon 100D. Do you know if there is any compatibility issue?
Thank you

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