Camera External Flash: Tips on Mastering Your Camera Flash Options

It is important for great pictures that you use your flash effectively. Here is a great video that show what options are available to you.


Muhammad Sahl says:

Thanks Toby.

Edward Cabaniss says:

Why on earth did someone dislike this video??? Toby, you've shown me how to take my flash photography to the next level. Thanks!

Kevin Chavez says:

dang dawg you good!!

Andy Hooper says:

Good video – thanks. One thing you didn't mention was whether the flash brightness is adjusted by the camera in any way if the flash angle is changed? Or is it just a matter of increasing the flash exposure compensation if eg. the ceiling is quite high?

les vanderhoof says:

what is that thing called that is attached to camera that magnifies your screen? thanks

NG's Evidence says:

When is the next speed lite video 👍🏾?

kacklebird2 says:

Thanks so much for the great video! Definitely helped me with the basics.

Gerald Barton says:

I keep coming back to your tutorials. Easy to comprehend. You have helped me to continually improve my photography.
Thank you Toby!

Audittr2108 says:

After seeing this video and realising how simple using an external flash is, I bought the YongNuo YN600EX to go with my 70D and haven't looked back. Look forward to the future ones. Thanks Toby!

stevepa999 says:

I wish people would make more videos like this. Not about taking the perfect photo, but taking the best photo with normal gear. No reflectors, no spot lights etc.

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