Camera Lens Review: What are the Best Canon Prime Lenses for You

Great video discussing prime lenses and comparing the various Canon lenses. Prime lenses has no zoom function so you will have to physically move to get the desired distance prospective. Watch and enjoy.


Hansmobiel DE says:

Hello Toby
Thanks for you're great video.
What is the effect on the quality of the lens on a crop sensor when you put a 12mm extension tube between the 50mm f1.4 canon lens and the 70 D.

StereoSpace says:

Great video and hugely helpful. Thank you for these.

likhanjamali says:

Dear, thanks for your nice elaborate tutorial video. I am a beginner photographer and using 50mm STM prime lens. I am happy with my lens but I like to add more lens in my bucket in future. Can you suggest me a best prime lens which can meet my expectation in portrait photography? My camera is EOS 70D. I know, every model of lenses have specific features but I want an all-rounder. Thanks in advance.

rumman plabon says:

i am facing a problem that is i am a beginner and using kit lens and i want to use good lens but what lens i shuld pick up ? which prime lens i should use .i am using nikon d5200

JennyDoesSomething says:

Would you recommend the 35mm f1.8 from samyang for photography. It doesn't have any auto focus and is fully manual, however it looks to be very sharp and doesnt cost too much. I have a kit lense (18-55mm and a canon 600d) but I wanna get more serious within photography and a new lens is really something I have been looking for. Or would I get the same level of sharpness from something like a sigma 17-50 f2.8 or 17-70 f2.8-4?

Christina Monahan says:

You are SO knowledgeable!! Thank you SO much!

Leo Jonkers says:

Why does everyone makes the same mistake?
On a cropsensor body (where the sensor is smaller then on a Fullframe sensor) you say that a 50 mm becomes a 85mm. No no no. It stays a 50 mm, the photo just gets cropped. The FOV maybe look like a 85 mm on a Fullframe sensor, but the picture will look different. A 85 mm gives you more compression then a 50 mm.
Zooming with your feet, I can understand that people say that, as a matter of speaking. But again it is false. Offcourse you can not zoom with your feet, you can only zoom with a zoomlens. You can get closer to your subject or further away, but a fixed lens stay's a fixed lens. Everybody keeps saying these stupid things over and over again, not even try to understand what they actually saying. And the thing is, you make things unnecessary complicated.
The only thing that is happening is cropping, no more or less dept or field, I even heard that the amount of light change, that a 2.8 lens becomes a 4.0. It is really so pathetic.

Carlos Tovar says:

Currently have a canon t5i and been looking at prime lenses for a while, which one would you recommend?

ahmad fahim says:

that EF 50mm f-1.8 on T5i is equivalent f-2.8 already.

survival919 says:

Hi I do product photography. I just purchased the Canon T6s w/ the kit lens.  I am also wanting to pick up a prime lens.  This type of camera is new for me.  the type pictures I take are of small products being held in my hand, Im the one taking the picture.  other pictures the product is stationary, but I need close up type shots, not macro, but close enough to show off the product.  and wanting the background to be a blur.  I do the same kind of shooting in low light sometimes as well.  Just wanting to know what you would recommend from canon as my prime lens? thanks

Jake Roque (JakeRoqueMusic) says:

Your videos have been a huge help, thanks man! 👍🏼

Adam Smith says:

May be worth noting as a comment in the video that the boring mediocre 24, 28 and 35 lenses now have optically superior, stabilized versions that are in the $500 bracket with the Sigma 30. Though older, the 85/1.8 is still very good lens at around the $350 range, and is a usable portrait lens on both FF and APS-C bodies. Two other lens people should NOT be considering are Canon's 50/1.4 and 50/2.5, unless they have a very specific reason to. These older lenses aren't up to today's standards, and for product shots and close-up stuff, the 60mm macro is better than the 50/2.5 in every possible way. 3rd-party 50/1.4 lenses are now optically superior to the old design Canon one, even Canon's own 50mm STM is better in most ways.

perfectforehand says:

I presume we multiply the aperture by the crop factor as well, so f1.8 becomes 2.8, which SUCKS.

Mark Nathan says:

I Agree that Canon primes offer value and sharpness as a Canon user don't forget the Canon 28/35mm f2.8/2 with is are also very good lenses have you ever tried them?

Johan Eriksson says:

I was just thinking of buying a prime lens for my 70D. This really help. Thanks for making a great video.

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