Camera Lens Review: Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art Series Lens Reviewed

Here is a review of the highly touted Sigma 18-35mm lens. Watch and see if this lens is for you.


Aqua Stone Throne says:

i have a queston man. i love your vids! i subscribe to you on my order email. what do you think about this lens for vid? i think I'm going to buy it tomorrow. once again man really great work and great information from you and your channel! keep it up man. when i first got a camera i watched a lot of your work!

Mani786 says:

Hi, I was wondering if this lens would be great for cityscape photography? also how would you compare the image quality of this lens with canon 18-135mm efs stm?

punit213 says:

Hey Toby big fan! Would you recommend this lens for travel / street photography? I have a Canon 70D

calvinm “Cal” 213 says:

You can get this lens for $550 now.

KingDepiction says:

Is this compatible with the Canon 70d auto-focus feature when shooting video? Thanks

mc sabai says:

I wanna buy this lens, but most people have problems with front and back focus issue.. do u have same problem like them??

Marek Koucky says:

Hi Toby, thank you for your videos. Where do you think is the sweet spot on this lens?

Jignesh Patel says:

Hi is this a good general use lens for things like family photoshoots?

Ling Jin Li says:

I use a 70D, and it has focusing issues in viewfinder. Any suggestions before I go ahead with the dock?

Biju Kesavan says:

Hey Toby, I have a SB-910 flash… do you know any limitations (do i lose any features if I dont use a Nikon lens.. eg. iTTL) on using this flash with Sigma 18-35MM F1.8 DC HSM lens?
Thanks in advance! Biju

Ismayil Hajiyev says:

Hi! Need your suggestion! Im going to buy a 70D for photo and filming… so the question is: do i need a Kit lens 18-55 STM or Sigma 18-35mm is enough?
Thx in advance.

Jack Fernandez says:

You mentioned how good of a value this lens is, however I want to put it on my micro four thirds camera while retaining the image quality, therefore I will use a meta bones speed booster. However that makes the price more like $1400 instead of $800, do you still think it is a good value?

SERGE says:

Donated 5 Dollars, Considering Being a Patron on Patreon. I have a tech channel, briefly view my channel and provide me with some quick advice on lens choice. I need lens to film tech equipment but I also need this lens to be quiet. I have been a Subscriber for a while and Got a Nikon D5500 but the camera makes too much noise. This Sigma seems like a number one choice in lens tech for youtubers who have tech videos But they hardly explain in detail why they choose this lens?

Explain to me why Youtube tech channels praise this sens so much? is it quiet? Will My Zoom H6 Recorder mounted to the top of the DSLR record the lens noise?

when it come to learning about camera tech your my #1 choice. Where do you recommend I go to learn about sound & recording?

Thank you.

David Hany says:

Can i use it as a wedding lens?

pat dinco says:

Almost three years later, price still the same :(((((( noooo!!!!!

Radha Krishnan says:

I have a Canon d70 camera. From image quality perspective which one is better, Sigma 18-35/1.8 or 17-50/2.8? Price of 18-35 is a lot more compare to 17-50. Is the image quality as much better?

Cindy Larkin says:

Toby! I just bought this lens! I have one problem, it does not focus well with my Nikon D3100. For instance, if I focus on a flower that is at the top of the image, it is not focusing on the flower. it focuses on some random leaves below. Do you know if this lens is compatible with the D3100 body?? Please advise!

Tarif Anzum says:

hey Toby, I had asked you the question about the best lens for t5i under 1k. The only concern i have is that it is manual focused. How hard is it to use manual focus? i use both the 50 1.8 and the kit lens now and I literally only use the manual focus at night. Is it easy to switch or is it a very daunting task?

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