Camera Lenses Review: Review of the Best Lense for Canon Crop Sensor DSLR – 70D, T5i, T6i, T6s, 7D Mark II

If you have a DSLR Canon with a crop sensor and looking for an alternative lens or an upgrade to the standard lens that come with the kit then this video is for you.

This video shows what are the best lenses for those cameras – Canon 60D, 70D, T5i, T6i, T6s, 7D Mark II.

Hope it is helpful in making a decision.


Tera Joyce says:

hi, i am wondering which lense to get. my budget is about $1000 for a starter bundle. but am willling to do my own bundle within reason. I love taking family pics with landscape showing in the background, and also landscape photos, and wildlife. these are my main interest to start with. Oh also, the night sky. I will be purchasing the canon t6s. thanks

Mirza Ahmed says:

i have been using the 50 mm f/1.8 and 40mm f/2.8 and my kit lens but i have made a big investment i purchased a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 i have just got it what type of shots should i take to practice and learn the characteristics of the lens thanks for your videos

Sinema Sakini says:

Hey Toby, love your videos and i have a question. I find a second hand canon 20mm f2.8 usm for 320$. What do you think about this lens? I hope you answer my question. Greetings from Turkey!

Daniele P. says:

Hi, what about the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 with the 70D? Is it a good combination?

Jose Rodriguez says:

Hello. New to your channel and I must say I'm very impressed. I have one quick question. I have just gotten into the dslr game and would like to know what is a good lens for aviation photography, as that is my main hobby. I currently have the canon t3i with an 18-55 and 55-250. I am considering the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II USM. Do you think this a good choice? Thanks!

dragan lazarevic says:

Sorry but kit lens is really crap, plus 50 1.4 is just expensive, and not value for money esspecially comparing to 50 1.8, 28–75 is great lens i have it but it still have lot of foults…
L lenses dont give you much more than normal lens that is lot cheaper , they look fancy thou if that is what you are looking for

Sharjil Islam Shobuj says:

@PhotoRec Toby….I think you missed the 35mm f/2.0…

Dinah Beaton says:

Hi Toby, I have just found your videos and have found them very well explained, started with 'DSLR Controller for the 70D, which is the camera I have and was looking for ways to remote control – so that video was brilliant Thank you.

Now I have moved onto and just started using my vintage lenses from my Pentax ME, a 40mm and a 200mm primes.These both produced wonderful images with film and proving to be fun with adaptors on my Canon 70D and 450D.

Hungry for more, I started trolling the internet and eBay (very dangerous) and reading up all manner of reviews as to the quality of the various Asahi Pentax I was looking at. What came up absolute tops was of course the Asahi Pentax 85mm Super Multi Coated Takuma and only in the States (I'm from the UK) to be found so far – but due to its apparent rarity, quite a hefty price. Nonetheless, I am very tempted.

I'd be very interested to hear your views on this lends – would you mind sharing it with me, especially if you know this lens.

I tried to find your Face Book link by the way and nothing, and I also tried your 500px which came up as 'Page not Found'.

Thank you so much for you videos – I will certainly be looking at more of them.

Lau Bjerno says:

For me the choice was easy. Here's what I bought:
Of course I got the 70D with the 18-55 STM. The STM is crucial for video and great for photos too. I did not consider the 18-135 STM to be a really good alternative as I've seen reviews and sample images showing more distortion than I like. Besides It's overpriced imo.
Of course I needed a longer reach, and the 55-250 STM is what some people might call a no-brainer. Actually I would call it the opposite – it's the tele-zoom you'll get if you've got any brains! The reviews gave me hopes that it would be very good – I found it to be a good deal better than I expected! And the price was pretty low at the time. Unfortunately for you guys it would seem that Canon have also discovered the quality of the lens and raised the price.
Of course I also wanted a Wide angle zoom, and again the choice was easy: The 10-18 STM. The value for money is unparalleled, and the focus is just absolutely quiet and instantaneous in daylight.
Here are some lenses that I didn't buy:
I didn't buy the 50 f/1.4. I've had the 50 mm f/1.8 for many years (the original with metal mount, not the mark 2 plastic not-so-fantastic). So there's no way I'm going to spend a lot of money to get the 1.4 version even though it's now only half the price of what it was when I began 20 years ago not even adjusting for inflation. But paying 350-400 dollars for a little more background blur would be ridiculous imo, especially because I mostly prefer the background not to be too blurred – just gently out of focus is far better. The optimal blur is when you can still recognize who are in the background if you know them well, but a stranger would not be able to recognize them if they met them later in the street. Even if I hadn't had the 1.8 already I,d still prefer it over the 1.4 because of the price difference.
I didn't buy the 40 STM. In fact I don't find it very attractive. The 40mm is too close to my 50mm which has a wider aperture. STM is nice for video, but this lens doesn't zoom which to me is a requirement for video. So I didn't buy the 24 STM either.
I didn't buy any L-lenses. They are just too expensive, and as an amateur I really don't need them.
What I really would like would be a long telezoom like the Sigmonster (Sigma 300-800mm), or a 17mm tilt and shift lens, but again: I don't have that kind of dough. What I will probably get before long is a 1.4 Kenko telekonverter – the latest HD Teleplus version which will work with my 55-250.

JennyDoesSomething says:

I own a 600D and my kit lens (18-55) is not the best for the job anymore. I find myself wanting a better zoom but also a better wide angle as well. I take most of my shots with the 55mm but wish I had something more to go on. I enjoy doing macro and also travel photography, hence the wide angle need. I have about 500$ to spend and can get my hands on a canon 24-105 and a 70-200 f/4 pretty cheap. The 24-105 seems like a great lens, it's okay for macro (it's just something I do for fun so I do not need a specific macro lens) and I can get the reach I want. Does this seem reasonable, and could you recommend something else?

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