Camera Comparisons: Review of the Nikon D7100 and the Canon 70D by an Avid User of Both

Video showing and explaining the differences between the Canon 70D and the Nikon D7100 done in great detail. If you are interested in any of these camera this video is for you.


Chris Clayton says:

toby i just sold my canon t5i to get a new camera. I am getting the camera just for images. I want it for portrait and everyday shooting, for example shooting around nyc. I need the best image quality to build a portfolio for college. what would be my best bet.

STARS Entertainment Production says:

I prefer buying 5D Mark ii (Second hand) than 70D for 4 reasons:

1. 5D Mark ii is built in Compact Flash which you can shoot with Hi-Speed (Magic Lantern Inside)
2. Now, it's quite cheap 🙂 It's $900 in my country with Shutter Count around 10.000 and it's like new!
3. 5D Mark ii sensor is 35 mm which is full-frame 🙂
4. Great color-depth and image quality in low light!

70D or D7100 take at least $1000+ for it 🙁 eventhough it's quite new camera (released in 2013)

Alex Gregory says:

i love this channel..PhotoRec Toby!… there's a stability and seriousness coming from it!… makes me relax at the end of a long day! that the world of art is still in order !! imagining mr Toby & fam to live in a huge house, somewhere in the middle of nowhere (or very little) , creative, no traffic, great residual income, with a relaxed perspective on the world. removed from the madness…..taking photos in and of nature!  . that's so cool! what a life!

Ryan N says:

Found this to be very helpful.  I do mainly motorsports photography and was leaning towards the 70d but wanted to find out more about the D7100 to cover my bases.  Sounds like the 70d would be the way to go with a slight edge in speed.  Very informative!  

Patricia Gallagher says:

Toby, what's your opinion about the Canon T6s vs the Canon 70D?  Thanks!

Amit Lahiri says:

hello, for landscapes, macro, and portraits which one will be the best in terms of image quality and high iso performance?  

Emil Mangurov says:

Many thanks for the review!!! I am going to shoot landscapes, portraits (indoor and outdoor), and also some sports. Which one of both (Canon 70D and Nikon D7100) is better?

K Karthik says:

+CameraRec Toby 
I wanted to know if you had faced any problems with the mirror for your Nikon D7100 as i was looking forward to buy it . I had come across a few people stating a problem with the mirror after 400-600 shutter counts (Lifetime) . 

mitch roperos says:

hi toby can i answer this i'm so annoyed what will i choose nikon 7100 or canon 70d, is it canon 70d good sharp  and crisp in taking photos because i shoot mostly outdoor portraits or if in indoor is it good also? pls help so i an pick one of them which is better to buy

Fortress S. says:

Again, you mention things , without full clarity as to which model your making reference to …. towards the end you mention Professional auto focus  not quite there ? which Model are you reference to Canon or Nikon please ? 

Fortress S. says:

Wait a minute did you say the Wi-fi is cut off during shooting !??? With what camera "Canon 70D" ? right ???, just want to make sure I heard correctly ! ???

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