Camera Guide and Tips: How to Use the Canon 5D Mark IV Features and Menu Explained

Great video explaining the features of the Canon 5D Mark IV and how to use this great camera. You will learn something in this video.



Chad Sageser says:

Great video, Keep up the good work!

Dan M says:

This is an important camera for me, looking to upgrade to full frame, and will likely be the 5D IV or the 6D II. If the 5D IV has 4k (UHD at 30 FPS would make sense. And no motion jpeg please, don't want huge files), then its my camera of choice, if not, most likely will be a 6D II and jumping ship to Panasonic (GH5 please!) or Sony for video.

Adam Lis says:

When is the premiere 5d mark IV?

Joe Mcdad says:

if Canon don't include 4k in their upcoming mark4 I will also sell all my Canon gear and lenses and switch to Sony

Anthony Martin says:

Where is all of the wonderful 4K video you folks are making? Oh, I know, you don't yet have enough battery to get enough footage to make a 10 minute YouTube vid! :)

RealWorld Endo says:

If 5Dmk IV does not have 4K I will sell all my Canon Stock at a loss!

Mike Uhlinger says:

I enjoyed this video, I think a video every once in a while arm chair quarter backing is great!

nagol5178 says:

BTW, I'll add, I think it'll be 28 megapixels and I think that's perfect. I think 50 megapixels is wasting resolution. I've done some research on DXO Mark on my lenses, I have Canon's sharpest prime lens as well as their sharpest zoom. The amount of detail megapixels we can really get is 32 to 33 megapixels and that's pushing it. 28 megapixels will give us the best performance out of our lenses with tons of detail. The 5DSR has a 51 MP resolution, but not 51 megapixels of detail. To me, the detail is of far great significance. Even if you crop heavy and print really large, the more detail there is the better it looks. 28 is perfect, I think 36 is okay, but 28 is perfect for our lenses. Because it means, that every ounce of the picture will have an amazing amount of detail, assuming that you have nice lenses that can render that kind of detail. I do think the camera will be lighter as well. However I'm not sure that matters to me. Even on the 6D I put a battery grip on it. Have thought about taking it off though. When I had the 5D Mark iii, I never put a battery grip on it. But it feels nice and robust in the hands like you said. However I think the 6D might feel a little better in some ways. The button placement is definitely better. This next 5D better have wifi… I didn't get an iPad pro to tether previews for nothing. And it definitely will have Cfast cards.

Lau Bjerno says:

Not that I care much (I think HD is great), but I think they will include 4K as one of the selling points over the 80D.
I think it will have 24 MP and include an articulated touch screen.

Bill Flynn says:

I have been waiting for the 6D upgrade……want to try a FF………sigh…..

nagol5178 says:

Well, I'm not switching from Canon and for photos I prefer it, however, for a video camera I'll probably get that A6300 with adapter. I seen it with Canon lenses and it focused fast but I usually just use manual focus with video anyway. Only 1400 for it and adapter, super 35mm 4k. I'd rather have that for video and the 5D Mark IV for photos rather than switch to Sony for photos. Already did that once. Although the new ones are getting better and better with their ergonomics.

masterbum82 says:

Again Canon won't be doing anything revolutionary and yet it'll still sell millions.

Daniel R. says:

A little bird told me that 4K is definitely built in. I am 99% positive that we will see 4K, if not I am selling all my Canon gear & moving on with a smile on my face.

Ray Beckon says:

I will not predict doom and gloom for Canon if there is no 4K in 5D mark iv… because there WILL be 4K.

Canon is not stupid. They can see the writing on the wall. The competition is setting the pace whether or not they have the market share yet.

Even as Canon offers 4K (which they will), expect Sony and others to up the ante to 6K, or at least bolster their 4K aspects as Canon is bound to cripple their 4K offering.

KuronoXD says:

Toby knows I´ve been waiting for this camera since last year, so i can finally buy a Mk. III!

ToobaTime06 says:

I am waiting for a 7D mk III. Heard any rumors Toby?

Justin Smith says:

I recently upgraded from the 6d to the 5d mkiii, and have been regretting it. The noise performance in low light is way behind the 6d, which I now release was awsome. I think it would be a good idea to go back to 20mp for the noise performance, but keep the great AF system. So the mkIV would be a 6d, mkiii hybrid.

CapturingMedia says:

I Shoot with the Sony A7Rii and the A7Sii and I love them (minus battery life) and will keep using them. BUT if the canon 5D mark IV gets 4k with dual pixel auto focus I will buy one for sure to use with my Sonys. Side note for other sony user's that have the sony battery grip you can order extra trays that slide into it. Thought I'd share that since when in the field other sony users seem shocked I had them. Toby if you need a link let me know. one last thing the trays work in the old and new battery grips.

Vincent112 says:

What questions will a Mk4 answer. 4k ?. Extra dynamic range. Better noise. If they deal with the DR they will deal with the noise, both are in the same family of issues. The 4k, this is just unlikely unless they ship something to plug into it that allows all the heat to be removed from the closed in body.
As to the movable screen. This is a breakable attachment and quite simply negates the reasoning for building the thing like a tank.

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