Camera Lens Review: Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM & Canon 50mm f/1.8 II Reviewed

Review compares the Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM to the previous model 50mm f/1.8 II. See which one is for you.



ArnoldsGrigulis says:

Why do you say 'Bokeh' in such a retarded way?

Airplanes11 says:

Would this still work on a T6I?

isabel z says:

i have the stm model. love it. stays on my camera most of the time.

CarlosMCSE says:

I decided on a 70D to upgrade my YouTube camera. I am having a really hard time deciding on lenses. I was wondering if I should just purchase the 70D + 50mm f1.8 STM + …

A) 18-135mm STM kit
B) 17-50mm f2.8 Sigma (but I'm afraid of that constantly noisy auto focus during filming)

Silent STM kit vs noisy Sigma. Not sure which one will yield better results. What do you think?

bating carmona says:

is this lens compatible to nikon d3200?

Alex Nguyen says:

Whats the best prime lens for street photo, portraits and photos of people?
Also I use a t5i and im a newb :)

Justin Lombardi Gaming and Movies says:

Hi I have a canon t6i and am looking to get a good prime lens for low light video work on my upcoming short film. Which one of these is the best? I also want to be able to take indoor video with this, so is the 50mm too tight of a focal length?

BMOZoedajit says:

def usefull

Ĉãll Ḿè MãŘįõ says:

which one is better nikon 50mm or 35mm of everything
and if i going to have Zoom lens 18~300 or 18-105 ?
for D7100
and wish one is good for Wedding photography ?

lakshman K says:

Hi I like more of your videos on DSLR and Lens, I bought Canon 70D 18-135 STM, I wish to buy a prime lens, Please compare 24mm 2.8 STM with 50mm 1.8 STM and Your suggestion.

BOSSculture says:

dude! thank you for the great in depth video

Slaik I says:

By the way I think you payed for your lens about 199$
I bought usb memory stick for 1gb in New York in 2005 for 120$( 1gb was the biggest size on market that days)
now you can buy it for 1£ 😢

Slaik I says:

I'v just bought (ordered online on ) a new 50mm 1.8 stm
99£- free uk delivery 3-5 days
Great thanks to your review and advices 👍👍👍

Renzo Melgar says:

I need your help please. I recently bought the new STM 50mm two days ago and I'm not sure if it's normal that when it's in manual focus the ring makes a squeaking sound, specially if I make a slowly manual focus. Should I take it to the store to replace it or it's normal?

André João says:

Hey man. Just a question: Imagine that I'm using this lens to photograph a Wedding. And image that I want to photograph the couple dancing or moving. Does the auto-focus, gets a quick focusing of the image, or the lens is only good for non moving objects/people?

Antony Manu says:

Hi, i allready have a 50mm 1.8 old lense, did i need to upgrade the new 50mm STM lense for a sharper vedio results


Would you recommend this lens to videomakers? (manual focus)

VividlyKay says:

Great review 🙂 I'm a new subscriber.

Will this work on the Rebel T3i ?

And Mk says:

How come you haven't tested the Tamron 35 and 45mm?

Habibur Rahman A says:

Hi .. I am a beginner in DSLR photography.. I am using Canon Rebel T3i..
For prime lens which would be good option to choose for a beginner?
– 50mm F/1.8 STM ?.. or 50mm f/1.8 II Lens?.. or 40mm F 2.8 STM??..

angel montalvo says:

thanks for the review

Sangam Manerikar says:

i want to know abt the music u gave in starting of the video and at the end

GreatKeny says:

This is one of the better reviews on the YouTube. You pretty much nailed everything about 50mm for Canon users.

Corey Koon says:

0:24 straight mean muggin lol

Marcio Caus says:

Hi Toby, I'm getting into pet photography. I have a canon 70d and a 40mm stm, do you think it's worth the upgrade for the 50mm 1.8 stm?

David MacDonald says:

I have the T3i with the stock lens 18-55mm. I shoot my own auditions. The framing is always head and shoulders for the speaking parts, full body shot for the end. Will the 50mm STM produce a better image than the kit lens (speaking parts)? B&H recommended the 50mm 1.4, but I keep seeing reviews that favor the 50mm stm 1.8 for price.. I'm just looking for ways to improve the quality without spending a fortune. I use a nice AT899 lav mic and preamp for audio, so I got that covered. Also use a softbox light kit and photo backdrop. Thank you for the excellent reviews. Very helpful.

Mayank Parikh says:

should i go for 24mm 2.8 pancake or 50mm 1.8 ? both are stm lenses. but i would use it for both video and photo. i have the 18-135mm lens which came with the camera i need an upgrade.

Ng Ignatius says:

Im using a Canon 600D should i get this lens ?

Mr. Sgt At Arms says:

I'm looking for a good family portrait lens for disney world. Would this be the lens? I am using a canon t5i

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