Camera Review: Canon 70D Review the Good and the Bad

This video gives a frank discussion on what is nice and not so nice about the Canon 70D camera.

Good video for someone interested in buying one of these.


Antihero Thailand says:

I like this guys vdo clips, he reminds me of woody harelson in Kingpin, I bought the 70D because of your review thanksss

Арнольд Сталоне says:

Hey, for what the camera and lens a shot this video?

George Prasad says:

Hi Toby,
Great work.I have two issues with my 70D.
1. While shooting videos, it over heats.
2. The Video file, is not recorded as a single file instead, as multiple files, was shooting in RAW, I mean, not a 25 or 29 minute file.
Please help, Thanks.

oo0Spyder0oo says:

Good review. I suspect the 80D out next year will address some of the cons you described. I'm hanging off upgrading my 40D to see what they do with it.

Larry Bird says:

I have a Cannon 70D.  When I shoot video, I sometimes have trouble with it stopping for prematurely.  Sometimes it will record without issue, other times it will only record for a few seconds and then stop.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your help.

Ashwath Chakravarthi says:

Hi, I recently got a 70D, I also got two lenses (55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II and 50mm f/1.8 STM and also the kit lens 18-55mm ) Though I am happy with lenses I am not satisfied and I would like to get a better walk around lens or a better telephoto lens. I did see your other video about which lens to get and I am still confused. It would be nice if you could suggest me one. And also a good tripod and a travel bag for my camera and lenses, Thank-you!!

William Wallace says:

Are you recording straight Into the camera with an external microphone

maria abad says:

How "weather-proof" would you say this camera is?

SuperstarDream_ says:

I just got my canon 70d a few months ago and I just shot my first complete project with it. I'm still learning it and Adobe Premiere, but overall I'm proud of the results, check out Royce Hall – The Yo: Press Rewind music video over on my channel to see. I love the quality!

D Vijayendra says:

Hi, I am planning to buy Canon 70d body and want to know which Lens I have to go for. I need it for a product shoot for furniture company in India.

Dylan Fraser says:

I just purchased this camera 3 day's ago! Absolutely stunning camera, if you are thinking about buying it, please do. I am a very fussy photographer/film maker. And this camera is outstanding.

I have just released my first of many short movies with it on my channel… So if you cant decide, then watch my video, trust me. :)

PoliticallyVeganNatasa says:

What camera did you use to film this video?

David Diez says:

Thanks for the helpful review! I really liked the get-to-the-point style, which saves me time and makes it easier to make a decision.

usparktalk says:

Does the Canon 70D have a focusing problem?  I found some videos and sites online where people were saying it can't focus at super wide apertures using the center focusing block, or something like that.  Any truth to that?  I'm considering buying this camera as my first DSLR.

Mohammad Shehroz says:

Hi ! Great review but I am still confused between the Nikon D7100 and the Canon 70D,
I am a beginner and I am mostly into photography and once I buy a camera I will be keeping it for at least next 5 years so can you please help me decide ? Thanx

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