Camera Review: Canon 70D User Guide – How to Use the Buttons, Dials, etc.

Video explaining the buttons and dials on the Canon 70D Camera. Simple video but there is probably nothing more important than knowing how to use you camera. Shot and worth watching.


IAm The Conan says:

sweet and short informative video. it really helped me a lot. thanks toby i like all your videos. please share some astro photography videos.

Mark Robinson says:

best 70D advice informative without the clutter …. all your 70D videos are good

Francisco Garcia ayllon says:

what about the lock latch, no one talk about that, not even the manual, and how about the button that's underneath the lens area? can someone help please?

Lau Bjerno says:

I've just bought this camera, and my first question is: Where the Heligoland is the white balance button??
Or rather: Why isn't there one? On my old Eos 550d it's the up-arrow, and I use it all the time.
On the Eos 70d you can't even set the set-button to this function, so you have to go through the Q-button and the menu.
How utterly annoying!

Sandeep Chopra says:

Nice!  very detailed!  Thanks!

Lenora Lostaunau says:

Great overview. I had a SL1 and uptraded to this model and was feeling a bit lost until I watched this. Feeling much better acquainted with my new toy. Thank you!

Rùa Dương says:

Thank you man. This is very helpful :D

BlackEagle352 says:

came here for the 14:52 part.

John Mantey says:

Very useful, thanks!

Paul Mac says:

very good information

spiritfc says:

Great video, thanks. Are there anymore coming? Cheers!

Aaron Jeremy says:

i just bought a canon 70D .. when i put it in video mode it says "this Function is not available in the movie shooting mode " ?? can someone help me !! thank you 

Paul Moss says:

Hi Toby, many thanks for this video, it was very helpful. During the video you make reference to future videos, are these going to be 70D specific or general?

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