Camera Review: Canon 80D – Compared to 70D,T6s and T6i

Discussion on the attributes of the Canon 80D and how it compares to the Canon 70D, T6s and T6i models.

Great overview.


Mazen fayad says:

man what is the best lens in cannon 80D

Gian Marcos Aguilar says:

still waiting on that full review, Toby 😉

Thanks for being one of the best photog channels!

John Priest says:

Toby, as a beginner looking to purchase the T6i, do you think it's worth paying a little more for the 70D? I'm leaning toward the 70D because it will allow for growth and the the grip is more comfortable. Thanks for the videos!

Jose Rodriguez says:

I currently have a canon t3i and I'm looking to upgrade to the 80D. Is it worth the upgrade?

British Lion says:

Not the camera for me, but enjoyed your take on it…

Tommy T says:

With this coming out does it make it a bad time to buy a 70d? Should I go for the 760d/t6s instead?

manu alexander says:

As a beginner which one should i select 70d,80d or 760d….??

arnoldgd84 says:

Anyone know the release date for Sony a6300

1SteveMACK says:

Thanku much Toby. …

luciano086 says:

Do you know if the 80D has problems with the focus as the 70D?

Oscar Todd says:

Honesty is worthless…thanks….

Franky Vee says:

Attention Deficit Disorder — Canon should have skipped over the Eighty and added 4K. — FAIL

santora1957 says:

I hope the price of the 70D drops a bit, with the intro of the 80D.

7thCause says:

Why is there a 5D II on the table when this is a comparison between 3 cameras that doesn't include the 5D II …

Mihir Pathak says:

I'm worried about the low light performance since they hardly bumped up the ISO by just more than half a stop or so and deployed the DIGIC 6 processor instead of DIGIC 7 that they proudly announced inside the G7X Mk2. I have used both Canon and Nikon bodies but I plan on buying a solid semi-pro for myself and I was so sure about the 80D until the actual announcement but now I am even considering Pentax and Nikon like the D7200 since it's way cheaper than 80D at the cost of lacking dual-pixel technology. Eagerly waiting for the real-world comparisons between 80D and it's competitors.

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