Camera Review: Canon T6s (760D) Comprehensive Review Compared to 70D, 60D and Nikon D5500

Here is a great review of the Canon T6s. What additional features are present compared to the T4i and T5i.

This video also compares this camera to the Nikon D5500 and the Canon 79D and 60D models.

Watch and see if this camera is for you.


silverleapers says:

The light Low Pass (aka Anti-alias) filter in the T6i/T6s is a MAJOR improvement for Canon – and a FIRST for any Canon APS-C camera. This now parallels or beats the A6000 for resolution. Sony done it first, Nikon followed, and now Canon is playing catch-up. The T6i/s blows away EVERY other APS-C camera Canon has made. Just check out the studio comparison shots at DPReview. Sadly, no youtube reviewer mentions this critical factor for wildlife shooters, heavy croppers, etc. 20-30% MORE resolution is a major deal, THEN add the 24mp vs 20/18mp.

Maria Darey says:

Which Camera and Lense are you using for 1:251:34 PLEASE reply i Really need to know thanks 

Hector Garcia Ramirez says:

Canon t6s giveaway? :)

George Kariuki says:

good review

Joenas Gayramon says:

im planning to buy one which would you recommend canon 760d or canon 70d? i like wild life and landscape photography in which in landscape photography the 24 megapixel is a little bit matter.I'm also considering nikon 5500. I'm just a beginner hope you can help me to chose a good camera thank you so much.

oroksabida says:

I have a question
When I plug in my rode video mic pro
A sign of mic and text that written off appear in the botton corner of my lcd
Is it normal ?
I hope someone can answer it
Thanks :)

Carissa Janelle says:

Hi Toby, I have a Canon T3 and a 50mm 1.4 lens, which is my favorite to use. Which canon camera do you recommend I move to next? I like the look and feel of the T6s and how it's a taste of the more professional cameras. I want to grow and improve so, do you think the T6s would be the right camera to go to next?

Nick Raphael says:

In your recommendation of the Nikon D5500 you failed to mention that the Nikon does not provide a live view of exposure setting changes as well as the default exposure settings displayed in live view. The Canon not only displays many more settings in live view but it also displays the results of your setting changes in live view. I think for most beginners this is a significant feature difference in the Canons favor. I have a Canon T2i and after several weeks of reading and viewing reviews of several cameras I am excited to upgrade to the Canon T6s with the 18-135mm kit lens. Nice review. Thanks!

jethro_my says:

its seems the youtube pro photographer prefer canon than nikon for the live view feature alone,what does nikon really succeed considering i plan to get d7200 in the future,yes their opinion matters

Charles Davis says:

when the girl was walking at about 1:34. what lense was he using ? anyone? it looks sharp

Mizz Seo says:

Thanks toby for this video! I think ill be upgrading my canon 1100d to the 760d!

Sahit Penmatcha says:

I have a canon sl1 right now. Is this worth the upgrade? Or should I invest in a lens?

MrPreliminary says:

Very helpful information, I want to purchase my first camera and I don't know anything about the camera.

Devante Bailey says:

Great review!

Mouth Looker says:

Let me ask a straight forward one, are you getting paid by Canon (Please message me inbox). I want to make choice for buying a camera b/w d5500 and 760d still confused. Because I am a beginner. I may not change or upgrade my cam in future. Please advice

Mariana Silva says:

Great video. Once question though does this camera have that 'creative filters' feature seen in the 600D for example? (Those filters that you can preview their effects before actually taking the picture). Best regards,

Shawn Clarke says:

What was the app used?

Adrian Eremia says:

You killed it,way too loud music and then your voice way too low 🙁
Would be helpful to show us more stills made with the camera,specs can be found anywhere.

Rishabh Rai says:

+Photorec Toby Hello Toby !! I've seen your video regarding 70D's center focus point issue where you're getting soft images on higher aperture through viewfinder.Usually higher than f2.8. It's something which is preventing me from going for 70D.

Any update on that issue ? Or should i get a T6s ?

Shivangi Aggarwal says:

Thank you so much for this amazing video. Answered all my questions. You guys have really helped me pick out my first dslr (a budget one). :)

Nicko Quezo says:

how long will the battery last when recording Full HD video?

Ivan Velasko says:

Thanks for the interesting explanation.
I just sold my Rebel Xsi (had it for 6 years) and I would like to upgrade… The T6s seems like the best option, but the price still is above budget.
What would you suggest; a T5i or T6i?

Yasser Ashrafi Rad says:

Really nice review. Good job.

Nicko Quezo says:

hi +PhotoRec Toby! How long will the battery lasts when recording video?

Hunt Epic says:

+PhotoRec Toby Which should i get? 70d or T6s? I am confused between two cause i dont like the Center focus point problem at the 70d which the T6s doesnt have.

Allan Tiu says:

Best convincing review !

Exarous says:

Wondering if I should've saved up for the T6s!
I bought the T5i, but pretty happy with it, got it used like new for 420 USD on Amazon!

Taylor Hitaffer says:

Enjoy your videos!  Was thinking of purchasing this camera to take on a trip to the Canadian Rockies in Alberta.  What would you recommend as a good landscape lens for this camera?  What would you recommend as a good low light lens?  Do you think this will be a good camera to photograph the aurora?  Thank you!

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