Camera Review: Canon T6s Compared to T6i – Discussed and Compared

Canon T6i vs Canon T6s. Cameras compared and discussed, features, prices and capability. Worth watching if you are thinking of buying any one of these.


jonalyn M says:

can you add an external microphone to both of these cameras?

TeckyGirl ForLife says:

Can the T6i take pics of the moon, Stars? I am not a photographer and bought my husband q Refurbished T5 .  I guess I should ask if the one I have take pies of stars? I know it has a lot to do with the Settings. Can anyone recommend video training on how to get the right settings to take pies of stars? Thank you

Tony Schoeller says:

Is it worth spending the extra money for the T6i, or should I save the money and purchase a T5i?

Zeke Buf says:

One correction, t6i supports manual exposure on video mode. Aperture ISO shutter speed all controllable. I don't use top lcd ever, I don't see the need, no matter where you camera is , you have to see through viewfinders anyway, I am a minimalism, not to mention top led is distracting, you have 3 display to see the same info. I think there is no need to spend that extra 100.

Nate A says:

One of the old DSLRs we have has that proximity feature. lol nothing new. the camera is from like 05

Antonios Printezis says:

Just got the new Canon T6s and was disappointed to find that live-view and video mode does not work with my 150-500 DG Sigma lenses. I know it's not the lens because both live-view and video work just fine with my T5i, but that makes the new T6s crash and only removing the battery can fix that. Canon​ please address this bug. Again it works just fine with the T5i, so there must be something wrong with the new firmware.  
– Anyone else experiencing this, please let me know – i'd like to figure this out ASAP. I emailed Canon Customer Support and waiting for reply.

vinod sankaran says:

Awaiting your videos on Canon T6s and T6i after launch.

opjoipopikopp[pl[p[ says:

As always great insight in two new cameras, thanks. Cannot wait to see the full review.

minato nishiku says:

Just bought the 760D and i love it! Im thinking about getting the 70D but i have to go to the newer 760D with new sensor and a processor. 

And Mk says:

For people like me that purchased a Canon 70D recently, this is not a good look…Could have save some funds and purchase a higher end lens…

Irfan Rahid says:

Please tell me about the difference in image quality of a still picture taken from the 70D n 760D if all other remain same like lenses, ISO etc

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