Camera Review: Comparing the Canon T6s to Nikon D5500 Camera

This video compares the Canon T6s along with the T6i, 750D, 760D to Nikon D5500 Camera. Great video if you are having a hard time choosing between them. Watch and enjoy!


rj gias says:

Nikon D5500
…canon t6s??..who is best…plz help …

Liangshi Xu says:

1200 shots and 20mins video On my d3300 for one battery! What a beast. But again… Nothing crucial just mentioning here…. Just buy an extra battery…

Arthur Oberemok (somebodyepik) says:

is there any way to remove that auto focus noise from the nikon???????

Pritesh Patel says:

Hey I am a beginner and need a cam for photography, which one should be good for me? I don't shoot much videos.

Kerr Robinson (The KR perspective) says:

Im looking for something I can shoot cinema style video with. Keep in mind I am shooting video with a post production in mind where I am going to be adding visual effects. But on a budget.

Tobin Varghese Thomas says:

I am gonna buy 760d cuz canon offers a better customer service in india

Salvatore Ambrosio says:

you will hear that noise during the focus makes by nikon in the video that is making the machine ? or that noise was recorded by an external recorder ?

jpindahaus says:

I'm curious what camera you used to record this video. To answer your question, I'm considering to buy one of these cameras, but no decision has been made yet.

pokelover02 says:

I would suggest always using an external mic when shooting video, especially if you plan on making youtube videos.

beavertown2006 says:

Canon Jpg colors are more pleasing than the Nikon.

Also its performance is faster than the NIkon.

Nikon lenses are more expensive.

The only reason I pick the NIkon is DR.

Adnan Alim says:

I want to take pics only…. Which wud be bttr Plz help me out

Mouli Samanta says:

which provides better image quality?

Zakir Sholapur says:

very helpful review

Rylee Rules2023 says:

What the difference between the t6i and the t6s 😑

Amanda Crutchfield says:

I bought the Canon t6s about an hour ago. I had the t5 before. Can't wait to use it.

muhammad iqbal says:

which one is better for photos?

Anupam Paul says:


Manoop MR says:

which camera using you for making this video? i really that camera

Free world says:

Any camera you used to make this video ?

Edward Page says:

Nikon d5500'is super light (for a dslr) meaning it is comfortable to carry about

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