Camera Review: Difference between a Full Frame vs Crop Sensor – Canon 6D and Canon 70D

This video explains the difference between a full frame and a crop sensor and uses the Canon 6D and the 70D cameras to illustrate this.

Also, a review of both those camera as well.


frank reynolds says:

Thank you for the video, I have a question that I can not find an answer to.
If you shoot Full HD video with both cameras, is there any difference in video quality.
In speaking with a Canon rep, I thought he said 1920 x 1080 does not use the whole sensor on a full frame, or crop body , but closer to the crop sensor so video may be slightly better on a crop body due to capturing more data.
Did I mis-hear or misunderstand what he said.
Thank You,

Swar Det says:

Toby, Face Tracking is a game changer. Autofocusing and auto tracking is awesome. I know it's on the 70D. Is this exact feature available on any Canon full frame cameras?

dannieslm says:

awesome video.

piyush sharma says:

hello..I am Piyush from India I want to be a filmmaker so i am planning to buy a DSLR as u mentioned about 70D….so I have a doubt about crop sensor cameras that…can I upscale its full HD footage to a full size cinema screen?….& another question is does this camera supports slow motion recording in 1080p?? plz answer me

Nick Franks says:

Hello! Thanks for this brilliant summary. Can I throw you a slight curve ball…I would like to buy a camera that has the video capability of the 70d but not compromise on the image quality offered by the 6d's full-frame sensor. Can you possibly advise? Many thanks

Deepak Venkatesh says:

i had a canon 550d with a 18-55 and 50mm 1.8 lens. I had used it almost for 5 years. unfortunately my house got burgled and those guys took away my entire camera bag. Now i am researching to upgrade and am seriously considering a full frame canon. I have shortlisted canon 6D with 24-70 f4 lens. 5d mark 3 is out of my budget. I found a lot of constraints in the last 1 year or so with my 550D with respect to field of view maybe the lens could have been upgraded. do you think this will help me with landscape as well as portrait photography than investing in 70D plus a lens other thank kit lens. i also in the long term will invest in a prime L lens. For sure will insure all my camera equipment this time.

Rick Mentore says:

Can I expect just about the same with the Sony A99 and the A77?

hymn dec says:

Does anyone know what lens he's using on the 6D?

Kim Vivath says:

How much 70d? I like it

TomasWiklund says:

Hi there Toby! I got a question about 70D. Does it have all manual option in video mode? I am asking cause thats one of the thing I like with full frame ( I have a 6D). I can get my own balance between ISO, Shutterspeed adn aparteure. Now can I get that as well with 70D or is it all automatic? An important issue to mention when comparing video capability?

John Woods says:

+Svein Arne Gronnevik  thank you for the info

Amara Welling says:

Toby – Just a comment: I'm leaning towards a 6D but heard that my Canon AF 70-200 mm lens will now not be as long as it used to with my cropped-sensor camera, it will be a true 70-200 mm. This feels like a loss to me as I do a lot of photography in stadiums or football fields where the zoom is essential. So still wondering whether to go with a 70D or a 6D. Question: How does the 7D (not 70D) compare to the 6D? Thanks in advance.

Anthony Louis says:

As usual, you made a very informative video that both me and my wife (ALSO MY ASSISTANT) understand. We have the 70D and are keeping it and buying the 6D for Weddings and low light events. Thanks again Toby!

Jerzy - SilverSetFilms says:

I put it by priority: 70D- video/photo, 6D- photo/video. Good to have both (identical function layout inside out). Only problem remaining – both have this pesky moire problem. But if you can live with that – you're King of the top castle.

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