Camera Review: Overview of the Canon T5i (700D) Camera

Excellent overview of the Canon T5i Camera, what comes standard in the box and comparisons to the earlier models. Great review to look at.


lou ziebell says:

Can anyone help with this problem? I was shooting a video today and the lcd screen went out… the screen is still on but it is only the backlight, I am not able to get into the menu and nothing blocking the sensor. Please help thanks!

Rick Scicluna says:

Ron Howard?

vamshi krishna says:

Which is best camera for youtubers starting to just take videos.. Im using iPhone right now. But what will be my best choice of DSLR and which lens is best to get that background blur??

Draunamou says:

Good video, Toby!
What camera was used at 6:30 for that filming? I'm wondering because you're not getting much undersaturation. It looks great! Anyways, I hope you reply, bye!

Kapil Karki says:

i bought t5i.. and im still confused??? did i make a good choice. pls help

Firetown33 says:

I want a lens for this camera, that could take very clear pictures of the Iris of an eye. I'm interested in Iridology. Could you please recommend one for that purpose. And any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank You

xXxNekoNyanxXx says:

Quick question. I'm concern about EXIF data because it records my privacy. Is there a way to disable that on canon t5i camera? 

Sudhir Pathak says:

Hey Toby,I got my 60D last year at less price than 700.I am very new to photography and its a newly developed interest .Could you please help me in suggesting few options for landscape lenses which doesn't cost a world.

Anupam Chatterjee says:

Could you please show how to use the depth of field preview button in t5i

Sky _ says:

can you take a picture of your cat? :D

Luke Benjamin says:

you mention half pressing the shutter for full time manual focus. when using back button focusing, which button do you need to press? if any? my focus ring adjusts focus while in AF even when I'm not pressing anything as long as I'm in back button focus. should I be pressing one of the buttons to avoid damage to my lens? 

Camilo Bornstein says:

What is the maximum recording time for the T5i with the DIGIC 5?
Does it reach 29:59

connection330 says:

Are there any physical differences between the T5i, 700D and the Kiss X7i other than the printed name? I know they are the same camera but they were designed for different markets.

connection330 says:

Is there any advantage of the T4i over the T5i? I know the T5i is newer and should be a slightly better version but I have noticed the prices on Amazon for the T4i are a little higher than the T5i.

Dale Peterson says:

I received the T5i from my wife for Christmas. It's a 2 lens kit, and she got it from Costco for $849.99. The two lenses are the 18-55 and 55-250. I absolutely love this camera. It takes fantastic stills and video. Very easy to use as well. You can't go wrong with this one!!

Romeet's EYE says:

Hi Toby, I am planning to buy the T5I with 18-135 IS STM lens.  I am getting it for 949$ . I have heard the rumour about t6i launching in april and websites are offering pre-order for 1099 $ with the same lens. I generally picture nature during my travels also zooming feature is handy to me  ( already have 18-55 lens and 70-300 tamron lens). So should I buy the t5i or waiting for t6i and paying 150$ extra is worth ?

Niaz Ahamed says:

Which would be best for recording social experiments for youtube? I'd probably be recording at distances from 15-100m away. Rarely, if ever, close up.

Patrick Swendsen says:

Hi Toby! I'm hopefully going to be making a few short films.  (action/comedy)  And I was wondering if the Canon t5i, or the Nikon d3300/d5300 is be better, whats your opinion? Thanks Toby.

Prince Jaycee says:

I'm an aspiring photographer and filmmaker cinematography will the T5i be a great choice?

JG-Fusion says:

Wonderful Video, thank you. I was able to learn something new about my 18-55 STM lens that came with my T5i – also my Cost Co. kit came with the 55-250 STM.

I just recently purchased my Camera as my first pro-sumer DSLR and have been learning to shoot in Manual. Also very new to your you tube channel and have been enjoying the detail you put into your videos. 

Lens Question: (let me know if you have a video on it). I am looking at the Canon 55mm 1.8 and 1.4 USM is the benefits on the 1.4 worth the cost differences? or do you suggest something else?

Zach Katz says:

+CameraRec Toby Hi toby, what is the best lens for the canon t5i? and what lens do you usually use

corollapelan says:

i heard a cat

Samuel Tong says:

I have used the canon 100d with 18x55mm lens before, just want to know the major differences between the 700d and the 100d, and what are the best lens combinations for this camera? Im primarily interested in shooting scenery and landscapes.  

komal mocha says:

about the t5i, can you also take it out of manual mode? or do you always have to use the ring to focus?


Your video is great in understanding about this camera . Thanks a lot . Just purchased this on 18th in india . Thanks a lot.


Awsome camera .. what i liked more is that it has touch screen which is awsome and it helps a lot in choosing the things fast .

Don Jones says:

I am not a pro. I like shooting landscapes, people, animals. Birds in flight and model air planes. I have a problem. Some of the say the Nikon in lower light is better and the Canon T 5i for video is better. My friend has a Canon. I do like the touch screen in the back. But I go and I handle them both and I still have a problem. I know you partial to the Canon. But after listening to a couple or different people on U tube. Well I feel lost. I am not new to photography and shoot with a Nikon D 40. 

ian mac says:

hey toby, I'm planning to buy my first dslr and right now on costco taiwan there selling canon 700d 18-55mm +  55-250mm lens for only 28900 ntdollar, more or less than 900usdollar. it is worth the money? the camera is made in japan and the lenses are made in taiwan.

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