Camera Review: Review of Nikon D500, Successor to D300 and D300s

Short review of the Nikon DX500 and comparisons to the Canon 7D Mark II and the Nikon D7200 and D750.

Quick review but well worth watching.


Erin Taylor says:

I'll wait for the Lightroom update and then my wallet will be compelled. Nice add to my D750. But I have questions about buffer depth.

IF you need XQD to get 200 shots, and if it reduces to 60 something with uncompressed raw, and even worse with SD, does it REALLY have a significantly better buffer than the 750? I know its a little better than the 750 and better than the 7200, but it seems it gets there through write speeds, not really a huge buffer. Better tech, but misleading marketing speak.

AF is better, but WAYYY better? 51 points selectable versus 55 selectable? More cross, yes, but if you shoot D9 or D21, does it really buy you anything? Seems it would rock in 3D tracking, but I never use it.


Todd Stoilov says:

The crop is a problem but you can just get a wider lens, but there is a bigger problem in video. You cannot change the aperture in the live view and see the results in real time like any other camera. Nikon has refused to fix this for years on their lineup bellow the full frames. I assume it be the same at the D500. This makes it pretty much useless for any serious video application. It also should have had focus peaking.

Won Honglo says:

Why even bring up 4k? You photographers keep talking about it like it's useful yet you only have excuses like it takes too much time when asked why you don't use it and I don't need to hear you use it, just not on YouTube.

thinkinginpictures says:

I too thought it was a joke when first announced. I'm interested though, but as an A77II owner I wonder how well it can really stack up. I get 12FPS (although locked out at 3.5) and quite a wide spread of focusing points. The auto-focus lock option is quite versatile as with any SSM series lenses. This is well over twice that, but I do miss OVF and well…..Sony isn't quite as enthusiastic about promoting their A mount line (although it has the best mirrorless and AF Sony tech built in). If it can do face detect..just maybe…but it has to do face detect.

Larry L says:

Most lenses in DX do not resolve the dense pixels sensors from after 12 or 16 megs. We have some good results shown at f8, center of frame, subject not moving, using a tripod however. When Expeed 5 starts coming in to the lower price cameras, the ISO advantage will be just the new norm. We have seen this pattern from the past. so the rugged body may be about all you have over the others consumer bodies, I give it a year or less to see them coming out. I still have my D300s, love the build but went to FX after giving up on waiting for the D400. I am glad I made the jump and will never go back. The larger viewfinder of full frame is a must for me using long primes like my Nikon 600, being too hard to quickly find the subject, using a cropped sensor's small view finder.

nicodimus2222 says:

As a D7200 owner, I have no interest. It's not a joke, but not really worth buying either.

james cook says:

I know the d500 shoots in 8 bit. Can you use an Atomos external recorder with it to shoot 10 bit? Secondly, which camera between the d500 and d750 would you use primarily for video?

Karl Webb says:

I dont buy a DSLR for video i buy to take photos. If i wanted to take videos i would buy a camcorder

Frank Rizzo says:

Great dispassionate critique.

What are your thoughts on this as a wedding Photo shooter? (as opposed to the D750)

Edward N says:

Thank you, you helped to change my mind and make a very difficult decision!

John Woods says:

Have my D810 for landscape and the D500 will replace my D300 for nature and wildlife! Glad I waited it out for the true replacement for the D300/300S.

javixm says:

Of course I'm dismissing it as a joke. Why would you pay $2000 for a DX camera if you can get a D750 for the same price?

sgt13echo says:

I pre-ordered my D500 already…. can't wait!

Prashanth Akunuri says:

I have been using D3100 for past 5 years now and thinking of upgrading, probably to this one. I have a Nikon 35 mm and a Tamron 18-270 mm lens. How does it sound? Time to save up I guess!

I do shoot videos but quite rarely. Thanks.

Sun Rain says:

Initial lock-on AF is faster on D5 as the batteries are powerful? That's case with Canon 1D Series vs their 7D series, albeit they share the same AF system.

Narek Avetisyan says:

Nikon almost nailed the photography aspects of the D500. And as a photographer myself I would love to have this camera, (at -500$ cheaper though).
But like many photographers that have evolved and started doing videography as well. The D500 as good as it sounds for photos just doesn't cut it as a hybrid, unlike the newly announced Sony a6300 that costs half the price of the D500.
I'm a Nikon D7100 user. And that camera is good at photography but useless as a video tool, in fact it's strait up infuriating to me at how shitty it's video features are. So I'll be switching to a camera that will better serve my needs. Which will be the new Sony a6300.
My thoughts are, if Nikon doesn't get off their ass and come up with a mirrorless camera ASAP that competes with the Sony a6300's and a7 II's, someone is gonna start hitting the nails on their coffin.
But given that they can't even get the video features right even on their flagship models. Since video is not their forte, unlike Sony, Canon and Panasonic. I don't think Nikon will survive the future.

X-Ghost- 22 says:

Thanks Nikon it only took you 8 years to replace your crap of a camera.

Robert Martinez says:

I am going to get after the first recall / bugs are fixed based on the history of my other nikon cameras … the d600 and d750. had to return to nikon 3 times total for recalls.

Takuan says:

Wanted this camera 4 years ago. It didn't come and I left Nikon. Wonder what kind of bugs they have in store this time with the first production run. Good stills camera on paper though.

brianminkc says:

Its one of the worlds finest camera's probably the best crop camera currently available bar none. People who are saying its a joke.. well they are obviously imbeciles.

Yannick Khong says:

forums = part of the internet hate of hobbyist photographers. Don't people get it?

Vici Martynov says:

The joke isn't the camera, the joke is that some people imagine they need this level of performance. I have seen the sort of wildlife photographs people take with high frame speeds, total rubbish mostly. Take 15 frames and hope you get one frame worth looking at. Personally even those frames aren't worth looking at. If you haven't got the skill and timing may i suggest buying a video camera. I take a lot of wildlife shots and I have never used anything other than single shot on my D7100 and i have never used higher than ISO 3200. A top street photographer, when asked recently about the relatively poor sensitivity of his Leica M he said, If its so dark that I need more than ISO 6400 then i take the view that is too dark for anything to be happening that is worth me taking; I get paid by magazines for photos of interest. Buy a D7200 it has more performance than you will ever need and it costs a quarter of the price. Paying £2000 for this? Now that is a joke ha ha ha h a

Robert NES816 says:

If Nikon hates using the number 4 on there numbering system then why not come out with a D350 or something instead of making people wait for 5 years lol. That's 5 years worth of revenue loss. 5 years worth of people looking to other companies for a pro level DX body. Bad move on Nikon's part.

simianinc says:

Cropping to 4k isn't just a heat or processor issue – it's also a quality one. When you have a one-for-one photosite sensor to pixel ratio, you don't have to bin pixels which can lead to artefacts in the video image. Whereas higher resolution leads better stills that can be printed bigger, a 4k video frame is 8MB so the additional pixels don't add anything to the quality in fact it's worse. Sadly, you your angle will be narrowed…

Robert Crookes says:

good review. Someone that knows what he is talking about.

billhallsongs says:

great job..Really Thorough!

ChicagoTurtle1 says:

There are so many things I like about the D500 -___-

David Graham says:

Why do videographers not buy video cameras and leave stills cameras for photographers? My original film Pentax did not have AF, nor lens stability of any kind, no motorisation, no video (duh!), no built in flash, no flash hot shoe, no modes (just manual everything), very limited metering; and yet somehow I still took photographs. Next whine from techno-whores is going to be a lack of cell reception on their camera, while skiing across the Artic simultaneously taking stills while video recording themselves..

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