Camera Review: Sony a7 Mark II Reviewed and Compared to Canon 5D Mark III

Here is a great review of the Sony a7 Mark II camera and a comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III and other mirrorless camera.


Grace Model Management says:

Toby is the least annoying Camera-reviewer on the internet.

Bravo, Tony, we love watching your features!

pat dinco says:

Fuji X pro 2 vs Sony a7ii same price different sensor…hmmm curious

Topanga Times says:

Nice in depth review, have you tried out the Zeiss Loxia lenses?

Keefe Borden says:

What is the quality and size of the viewfinder on the original a7?

william lathan says:

is this a good camera for nightclubs ?

muddy mudder says:

iTS a piece of fuckin junck, it fucken breaks like a twig, canon and nikkon are made for big boys, sony is for gentle fingered womens!!!

Krishna Purohit says:


Kumar Dev Shrestha (Devdroid) says:

great review!!! i am a bit confused in between a7 and canon 6D. i like canon though but because of the low price im thinking to buy a7. can u please help me out which one i should pick?

Yi Fan Chin says:

+PhotoRec Toby a lot of camera reviewers, including yourself, state that the A7 series of cameras are weather sealed. However, none of their lenses have rubber gaskets and the bodies don't have rubber gaskets anywhere besides the battery door, and those aren't all that good either. Where did you get this information? And have you had any problems with the weather sealing? Sony refuses to acknowledge weather sealing in the A7x cameras and only states that they are "dust and moisture resistant", which is vague and not at all reassuring. Weather sealing isn't an inherent problem for me, as I usually carry around a rain cover anyway. This is more for peace of mind/knowing my boundaries as to how far I can push the camera/judging whether or not I really have to lug a rain cover around with me. 🙂 thanks!

Ebike Patagonia says:

robocop !!!!

Dzunkuづんく says:

How do you think about an idea of using an A6000 kit zoom lens onto an A7II as an everyday carrying snap shooter? It will be on a cropping mode, but this makes a whole package really compact so that it fits in a pocket of a wind breaker.

jenmarie620 says:

Excellent review! You really touched on all the points I was considering. I went in to the camera shop thinking I was going to buy a mirror less more like the Olympus OM-D but after explaining my needs they showed me the a7. The price point is what has me stalling from buying it. Since I thought the mirror less systems were more like $800-$1000. Moving from an out dated non-full frame Nikon and prime lenses, now I'm looking for something great to travel and pack around but still have excellent image quality and prime options. This seems like the winner but any advice on whether the a7 is a better choice over the OM-D? Do they even compare? Thank you!

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