Camera Tips: Getting the Right Exposure – How to Set the Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO for Desired Effect

Great video explaining the versatility of DSLR cameras and how to adjust the shutter speed, aperture and ISO to get the desired effect for your picture.

These setting should be adjusted for taking pictures for sports, wedding, scenery, etc.  And the settings are discussed here.

For better pictures look at this video.



GEEZ, what camera did you USE for this video?!????? incredible resolution.

Spencer Hill says:

What camera did you use

Michael Richards says:

Superb Video, subscribed…


Which lens is to be used for shooting what images. I have 2 lens which comes with cannon 700d & bought a cannon 50 mm prime lens too

Miss Ruth says:

Zso hard to hear you

Davidson Akwada says:

Extremely helpful except i need to play over and over again cos I'm so naive in photography.

Tony Leonard says:

Excellent video, now I fully understand ISO/SHUTTER SPEED/APERTURE. Thanks for the great video.

ashok taru Saha says:

really nice and informative…. kindly make something with wedding ceremony photography as sometimes, I loose moments as things happens here past….. and can't be call for freeze every moments…

hashim naushad says:

Thanks a lot mr.Toby

Photo E says:

This what a great tutorial! I learned so much as a beginner. I have a question…What makes the difference in a photo of flowers you would see in a magazine compared to the photo of flowers you see here in this video? Both are nice photos but the in the magazine photo it has that "professional look" and everything is so much more clear and detailed. Is it the camera itself, a specific camera function being used or is it the lens?

Sanchay Ganguli says:

Very Informative.

William Sitton says:

boy you need to use a better microphone

Regina Waldrep says:

Excellent! Thank you. Quite articulate and informative.

Essence Reid-Oxley says:

Very good explanation! I could follow along clearly without even having my camera on me! Thank you!

Warangal Diaries says:

iF i use 55-250mm lenses how much should i set the shutter speed ? please tell me

cristobal trujillo says:

Really great video

zorhis1996 says:

my live view switches back on its own sometime , how do i stop that ?

Najam Ahmed says:

The three most critical components of the exposure best explained. Great and impressive job.

Kirk Stenvall says:

This was excellent! Thank you.

Amr Badran says:

Hello Toby,

I do sincerely thank you for all your valuable videos and I wish you all the best.

I am an amateur photographer and I want to turn pro. I'm basically interested in still imagery, namely Architecture, Decoration, Products and Macro.

I'm using T5i but I want to upgrade to pro level and I'm considering moving to Sony Mirrorless full frame.

Is moving to Sony Mirrorless a good decision? Or investing in 5D MIII and EF lenses, or moving to Nikon D800 something?

What would you recommend?

Thanks again for all your tips and for your advice in advance.


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