Review of Canon EF-S 10-18mm lens

Comprehensive review of  the popular Canon EF-S 10-18 mm lens.

Thanks Toby.


Joel Videira says:


Janne19691 says:

I would like something with image stabilization to replace my Samyang 8mm for video. I'm wondering what is the wobbling effect in the image when walking up to tower, starting from 7:28. Is it the image stabilization?

Mark Gowans says:

even though it's cheaper I can't make my mind up between this lens and the Sigma 10-20 f3.5 so what would you suggest

Aniruddha Majumder says:

tokina has no stabilisation right? and what about the sharpness at f/2.8

Aniruddha Majumder says:

How will be this for canon 1100D considering the low ISO range and no of autofocus points. How will be the picture quality and sharpness? Or should I try another lens.

Kirk Darling says:

My first consideration was the fact that I frequently needed 10mm. Ten millimeters is a whopping 10% wider than 11mm, so if you really need 10mm, then you have very little choice. I also shoot video, so I need IS. That leaves me with zero options at all: This lens is it. The slower aperture is something I can get around with ISO or shutter speed, but when I hit the need for a short focal length, that's a brick wall.

Agnor Bertheussen says:

Strange question maybe, but, regarding that you have enogh light at set, do you think the image quality from this lens will be sufficient to shoot professional TV / web-tv documentaries (1080p)? My main lens will be 17-55 f2.8 IS USM (EFS). Shooting with 550D and 70D

halfon87 says:

I have the Tokina 11 16 2.8 and think about to switch to this awesome lens. I know, aperture is not that good as with the Tokina, but this Canon lens is light and not a tank. In addition, it has a STM motor which allows to take nice video shots with my 70D.

What do you think, is there a big big quality difference to my Tokina 2.8??


MoreBuy 2U says:


Saurat says:

I'm a photographer for Airbnb, they have mentioned to me I should use a wider lens and this baby seems ideal for interior work. Thanks Toby!

Big Ant TV Media LLC says:

also works on a 7D2

Catching Light Channel says:

When you were walking up the fire ladder did you have image stabilization on?

musu20 says:

always appreciate your videos Toby! unbiased and to the point.

Edgar Gallardo says:

Hi, do you consider this lens to be noisy in low light / night sky situations

Vijay Nawale says:

compatible wedding photography canon 60D ?

David LaBier says:

Would this be good for star trails?

Karla Rojas says:

Hi toby, Is this lens good for astrophotography?

Glenn Debattista says:

it is compatible with 700D?

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