Camera Review: FujiFilm X-T1 and Fuji 56mm 1.2 Lens Review



Video reviewing the FujiFilm X-T1 camera and 56mm 1.2 lens and how it compares to other camera on the market. See if this one is for you.


Fred Pfeifer says:

I enjoyed your review and I recently bought the the Fuji X-T1. However, when I try to use my Nikon SB-800 strobe, the Fuji, if I am lucky, will only fire the flash once every four or five shutter cick attempts! I find this very annoying and had I known beforehand I probably would not have bought this camera. I know in your review you fired the Canon strobe without any issues and I am wondering if the Canon strobe has different contacts over the Nikon strobe. Please advise. Thanks

Chris pilgrim says:

Hi Toby, thanks for your videos, i enjoy watching them.
I am looking to buy either this xt-1 or the sony a6000.
Most of my photography is general, although i do intend to take a camera for travelling, i also enjoy landscapes.
Which of these two camera would you consider the best for my needs?

Maria Joao says:

Does this camera film ?

Demián Serafino says:

Hello Toby! and thanks for the review. I have just one doubt about shooting when i have my eyes on the EVF. I know aperture dials are on lens and shutter on body buy seems to be difficult to move them looking thru the viewfinder. Do you know if i can move them using the front and back dials and have this info on the evf instead of using the two hand way of moving them thru body and lens? I hope i a have been clear with my question. Thanks in advance for your help!

Emre Özcan says:

hey. where is 'Fuji x-t1 button guide' video?

Model Jenny says:

This might sound like a pretty stupid question, but how would you rate the XT-1 in comparison to the Canon G3X

Model Jenny says:

What lens were you using in the low light situation? Was it the 18-55??

Dani Timo says:

I am a Canon 7D user and 7D starts to be a little outdated by modern standard, so i was thinking of upgrade. The only mirrorless body i can think of is this one, mainly because of it's weather sealing and this wonderful EVF. However, i'm still tempted to get 7D mark II at the same time. It is also good with low light, much more weather sealed (i live in Finland so it's important for me), the battery can hold way more shots, and after all i do some action shots sometimes, and 7D's focus tracking and burst rate are amazing. So it's a huge dilemma, 'cause if i'd have money, i'd just simply buy both, but in my financial situation i have to make a choice: smaller, cooler vintage-styled and quality mirrorless body or stay loyal to bulky Canon which is technically still better in many ways?..

theabstrakt84 says:

Fuji X-T1 vs Nikon D7200 I've tested both and I never owned a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. I always rented when shooting for specific assignments. I travel a lot and enjoy landscape & street photography and need low-light. I enjoy the lightness of Fuji, but one part of me thinks the Nikon will be a better option for what I want. Ideally I need only 2 lenses. The Nikon comes with a 18 – 300 mm zoom lens and the FUji with 18 – 135 mm. Though I've heard the Fuji lens is much sharper. Price wise I can get some good deals here in Japan. Any suggestions?

Luciano M. says:

Nice review, but fw 4.0 changed a lot of stuff. AF is now nearly perfect. Give it a try.

Aizu says:

in a dilemma to choose between a6000, fujifilm xt10 and Olympus omde 10

knightrider3000 says:

great video. fuji x-t1 is really revolutionary. i sold my 5d mark 3 for this. fuji x-t1 shoots better photos, especially in JPG format. pictures are so crisp. better image quality and far superior depth of field compared to canon. it's at par with my friend's nikon d4s in terms of image quality and that beast is a full frame. i love u, fuji!

completelystupid87 says:

Thank for the review. I just wonder if it's worth it to upgrade to this camera from the T5i. I personally look at this camera because of the manual control, and the film camera look which I love for my whole life.

Mogen Cheng says:

nice background :D

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