Camera Review: Comparing the Cannon T4i(650D) and the Nikon D5200

Great video comparing the D5200 Nikon camera to the T4i Cannon camera. Both great camera but you can make your own mind up. Watch and judge for yourself.




Romeo Romero says:

i actually saw the cat lick itself for 5 mins. thanks haha

naidim islam says:

sir , which one i prefer for video capturing  ! plz inform ! :)

Mihajlo Supic says:

Three framed photo behind you is nice. You should probably straighten up left part, but still nice 🙂 Nice rev, made me think about canon now. Never used Canon before, first dslr is used Nikon d70.

Nirzhar Kar says:

which is better for making videos? and is the difference big or very small?

Roydon Alvarez says:

Hi How are you? I like your reviews. I currently own an Olympus EMP1 (Pen Mini) which is a great mirror less camera.  Few problems i have with it is when i try to take pics of my dogs playing around, i dont get those crisp focused images. Most of them get blurred out.  Now I want a better camera which can capture my pets and children playing at the ground, which i find it difficult with my Pen Mini.  

Now i am looking forward to Nikon D5200 and the Canon EOS 700D.  I do like the canon because of its make, touch screen and ease of use.  I also do like the nikon because of its low light capability and the only thing which makes me hesitate is its incapability of controlling the aperture in live view mode (Bummer).  Both are good cameras.  Can the canon give me what i want?  (good pics of children and my pets playing around in various conditions? )  what do you recon?  I really love the canon but not sure of its capability of those kinds of pics.

mihird9 says:

Hey Toby. .. Happy New Year! I am a beginner and want to buy a camera for video (short films) and casual photography. I have shortlisted the Canon T3i & the Nikon D5200. Now considering that I am completely new to DSLRs which will camera will suit me better and make my transition easier. In general which is a better camera for video: Canon or Nikon? Should the quirks mentioned by you like no realtime feedback on Live View and lack of exposure simulation be a deal breaker for Nikon D5200? 
The D5200 is priced almost the same (5% higher) as the T3i. However the T5i is priced 35% higher than the D5200. 
BTW, thanks for the awesome videos. . .Keep up the good work!

Adrian Vasian says:

I'm like totally a pixel peeper 🙁
I have no experience with Nikon yet, but at this price range the Nikon and it's higher image detail and iso noise kinda won for me. Image quality over mostly any other feature please.

overTIMe says:

So the Nikon as like Android (more custamizable, better if it's set up right, has some minor problems, sometimes slower) and the Canon is like Apple (less features, better Auto, easier) ?!

Litano Print says:

did you shoot this video with a dslr camera?

DyathonOfficial says:

Hi . I'm a beginner and i want to buy a camera for movie making .For me the most important is video quality . What i should to buy Canon 650D or Nikon D5200 ? Big thanks .

Amit Dubey says:

hi buddy, i am planning to buy NIKON D 5200 but as u said 18-55 lens is not that impressive… so can u pls suggest what lens should i buy instead of 18-55 in same or nearby budget range?

King Dean says:

Hi Toby, i'm a videographer (amateur), i really want to get the Nikon D7100, however its a little over my budget. So i'm planning to buy the D5200 soon. My question is, can i achieve the same quality in video as the 7100? or do you feel i should hold out until i can get the 7100?

Sivvers says:

Get the Canon 650D/T4i! I bought it and I am really pleased with it

Sarah Sami says:

I've watched all your reviews about the Nikon D5200 or Canon 650D and I can't find which one shall I buy 🙁 Please Answer.. P.S: I'm a beginner and it's the first time for me to use a DSLR camera.

Paul Loatman says:

I've been looking at the D5200 with a Micro-Nikkor 40mm f2.8. I need to take pictures of extremely small mechanical parts and thought this pair would be ideal. However, seeing your video i'm tempted to look into the T4i. Is there a similar lens from Canon that matches the Micro-Nikkor i mentioned above?

Santino Blaros says:

I want to make Portrait Photos and music Videos hat camera ist the best For me? Its my first camera 

Will Holden says:

Hi Toby, your videos have helped me out so much! I have always used gopros and low end camcorders to film action sports and nature/landscapes and to shoot timelapses but I have decided to upgrade to a DSLR due to the depth of field and massive amount of control they give you. I don't want to go beyond $700 dollars and I have narrowed down my choice to these two cameras. What would you recommend for me? Any information would be awesome!
Thank you

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