Camera Review: Nikon D-7200 – Camera Specs and Comparisons



Video showing the features and specs of the Nikon D7200 and comparing it to the earlier models. Very informative.


Evan Mieverson says:

great review thanks

Eshwar Gundhada says:

wedding photography we do some thing specal photo graphy

Eshwar Gundhada says:

nikon 7200 vide is best dslr

Amit Biswas says:

hello sir I am going to get my first dslr . i am confused between 5500 & 7200 of nikon . which is more value for money. any other brand model suggestion .. also please suggest lens combo . my shooting pattern will be travel and street photography

Afran Ahmad says:

Should I go for d7200 or canon 70d???

Carlos A. Garcia says:

Excellent! Thank you!

vibikki says:

I'm a newbie to photography. Should we get D5500 or D7200??  Some lens are AF-S, AF, VR and VRII .. Which camera is more compatible with all lens?

Samrat Sarkar says:

Hello Toby…I've a question. I own a D7100 and considering to buy a nikon 80-200mm f/2.8d ed af new model (not the push & pull version). My question is due to the crop factor of apsc censor in D7100 the 80-200mm lens will be equivalent to 120-300mm but can I still get constant f2.8 aperture on my camera or it will be increased by 1 f-stop? Please explain. Thank You.

edward zhao says:

Should i buy Nikon D7100 or wait and buy Nikon D7200? 

adam tetzlaff says:

IN your opinion, how does the IQ stack up between the 7100, the 7200 and the 7D mkII, all else being equal.

Ragnar Thorarensen says:

Hi Toby. Thanks for a great review. I have the D7000 and I´m wondering if I should upgrade and then what to. Should I buy a D7200 or a fullframe D750? I like to take landscape pictures and travel picture as well as using it for family pictures. The only thing that I don´t like so much about my D7000 is the low light performance. What do you recommend?

SARMAD Zangana says:

1080 60 fps in 1.3 crop (which mean 1.3 crop of already cropped cam)
does that mean d5300 and d5500 have better video which is at 1080 60fps not in crop mode ? 

Michael Reif says:

Would the Tamron 150-600 VC on the Nikon D7200 with it's better image quality than the Canon 7D MKII be enough to make up for the difference in image quality between the  Canon 7D MKII and Tamron 150-600 VC and Canon 7D MKII with Canon 400 f5.6 or 100-400 IS II (also how about adding Nikon D750 in the mix with Tamron to compare to Canon 7D MKII with Canon lenses).  Hopefully I am asking the question right.

berto1999 says:

The Nikon D7200 is good only for Photographers. For videographers, the Nikon D7200 is NOTHING: too obsolete. No 4K = NO FUN. We are in the year 2015, Nikon should have a 4K DX camera or even a 4K FF camera. Very good camera for photographers. Not good for videographers. Videographers have to buy the Panasonic GH4 or the Samsung NX1.

cadmus777 says:

Yet another good review that completely ignores the existence of the Sony A77 ii!  How can you mention the A6000 as a competitor but not the A77ii???  The forgotten camera it seems… ;-(

floex831 says:

The AF system is the same as in the D750 and no one seems to be acknowledging that. I'm just saying because the D750's AF system is getting a lot of praise. Ultimately, the AF system and the larger buffer are the only 2 real upgrades on this camera. 

mcol3 says:

Nice first look at this camera! Double check the thumbnail, for me it displays the temporary grey one that one gets while uploading.

Eryn Rose (BYEeryn5SOS) says:

I'm going to college for photography and working on starting a business as well as doing concert photography and pet/family/baby photography. My budget is sort of unlimited for a camera. I can't decide between the D7100, D7200, 70D, 7D ii. Please give me a few tips?? Ps your videos are super helpful and informative hands down one of my top favorite photography channels. 

gordon wharton says:

Love my D7100 in fact if and when i change to full frame, this baby is staying its fantastic , the dynamic range ,the low light capabilities, especially with prime lenses is amazing at quite high iso and at 24 meg well how many lenses out there exceed this . Its fine having 36 or 50 meg cameras cool in fact , but we need better buffers,faster memory cards,and lenses that can cope with all this or what's the point. 24 megs seems spot on to me, address the other issues before entering a megapixel war .  

Cenot4ph says:

Solid overview, thanks very useful 

Genís C.M says:

What is the diference between 60p vs. 60i? 

alekupa12345 says:

Hi Toby. I am a Nikon D80 user. I am really not impressed with this upgrade. I think i will get the Nikon D7100 + used Nikkor 17-55 2.8 instead of D7200 and some zoom lens like Sigma 17-50 2.8. Do you think that is a good idea?

jeffry de meyer says:

Any word on low light focusing?
Being able to push a lot out of the shadows is one thing but if it can't find focus it is pretty useless.

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