Camera Review: Nikon D7100 Review in a Nut Shell

Excellent review of the Nikon D7100 camera. If you are thinking of getting one, this short review should help you come closer to a decision. Thanks.


J C says:

Hello Toby, I have a quick question. I am new at cameras, but I want to start doing videos for YouTube and pictures for a travel agent business. Costco has 2 cameras that got my attention. Sony A6000 (@ $900) and Nikon D7200 (@ $1500). I noticed that Sony is good for video; however, I can't use an external mic and that is very important for video. Regarding Nikon, seems to be great for pictures but not for video, and I can find more compatible for other accessories. Can you please advise which camera you would recommend for a beginner, just like me?

I have a $2k budget for camera and accessories, such as tripod, mic, Blue/Green screen, etc. (The less money to expend the better, but not killing quality that much)

Costco combos:
Sony A6000

Nikon D7200

Thank you!

Bodzbeck says:

Hi Toby, New here. Would like to know if the D7100 is a good upgrade from D3300?

Recipe Rack says:

I've been trying to figure out a way to start/stop video using the D7100. The ML-L3 remote activates the shutter, but any way to program to control video without touching the camera?

Nadeem Ashraf Cheema says:

Hi Toby. I own T4i and have been using for general and travel/sports photography. I want to switch to nikon for better image quality as I have searched nikons produce better images than canons. I am confused between d5300 and d7100 and also thinking about canon 70d. How big the difference of image quality of d5300/ d7100 and 70d . Please help me to choose for more vivid sharp images. Also which lens is better nikon 18-140 or canon 18-135 STM Thanks 

Mike Manes (Maneswork) says:

Moire — should be pronounce mo-rey

stephen masih says:

i bought a nikon d7100 with 18-140mm lens i had problem in manual mode or shutter mode when i click the photo i cn't see the picture and my screen gets blank suggest me some solution.

Theoria Apophasis says:

D7100 is $900 now on sale everywhere. 


mandypano says:

d7000 or d5300 ?/? for tight budget what to go for at this point of time??

Jessica Smith says:

Thanks for the info, I've been using the 7100 for over a year now. I shoot weddings with it and I like it but I do get frustrated by the buffer when shooting In RAW. I find myself going back to my trusty 7000 when I get sick of waiting. I think it's very important to use a super fast memory card with the 7100 where I haven't really had to think much about it with previous DSLR's that I've owned. That is my only complaint. The image quality is amazing with the 7100 even shooting in jpeg normal with optimal compression.

One Vision Productions says:

Are you able to use an external monitor using HDMI while RECORDING video at 1080 30p with the Nikon D7100?

adriboff1 says:

like everything the new king at this level of the APSC market is the Pentax K3. The Pentax blows this away. How can you build a camera that gives you 6fps for 1 sec and advertise it as a sports camera! What a joke!

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