Nikon D5500 Review (vs D5300, T5i)

Great video review of the Nikon D5500. This video discuss the new features compared to the D5300 and also compares it to other camera in this class.

Watch and see if this camera can be for you.




Alejandro Andrés Hernández says:

I didn't get the full manual control part.. WHat does he means when he says the D5500 doesn not have full manual controls???

JwhFishing says:

Finally a good review on some good cameras, Im looking to get a dslr for vide, like reviews for work and stuff, for a tackle shop, and on the water fishing stuff (may be something you never herd). What camera would be good in these catagories for that, with good auto focus . Looking at t5i d5300 d5500. Thanks

Frontyer says:

700D or D5300 for movie making?
D5300 seems to have better quality and higher FPS, but 700D seems to have more options and also magic lantern.

Cherish George says:

can i customize the any of the button on d5500 other than Fn, for whitebalance direct access ?

T-75 Proto says:

Great videos Toby thank you

lynsey howell says:

I am about to buy my first dslr having used film cameras previously, should i go for the d5500 over the d5300

Shahriar Shaan says:

My touch functions not working can any1 help?

PuneTadka says:

Please help.
I'm confused with D5300 and D5500.
I'll use camera for my youtube videos and for general photography.
Please reply.

Thank You :)

Jazz Singh says:

Hi, im 16, looking for my first camera. I have narrowed it down to the d5500 and the dmc-g7, i know the nikon has better image quality, would i be missing out on 4k if i didnt get the g7? and is the 1080p good enough quality from the nikon? i want both great video and images.

richard yap says:

I have a question and I really hope you can help me with this. I am stuck between choosing this or the fujifilm X-T10. I like how the X-T10 is compact and i can bring it with me around no problem but It has expensive lenses whereas nikon has a lot of affordable great lenses. What would your suggestion be? Please help me

Nuno Andrade says:

Toby, what would you choose, Nikon D5500 with 15-55 mm Kit lens or Canon 700 D with 18-55 mm + 55-250mm lens, about the same price?

Griffinrex says:

Hey Toby, can we remove the greenish tint in the Nikon by making any adjustments in the camera itself…???

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