Camera Review: Quick Overview and Review of the Sony a6000 Camera

Great speed review of the Sony a6000 camera. This video does not go into all the details but is a short, excellent review of this great camera. Will be helpful if you are interested in owing one.


Taylor Sampson says:

how do you change your shutter speed?

bongvr says:

Personally i dont mind the average EVF resolution, my customers pays for the quality output/prints…not on what i see in the evf; i just use it for composition. Thanks for the review!

Christian Duria says:

Can you recommend this for event photographers like wedding?

Pieter Batenburg says:

There is a sun setting for the screen. If you switch that on, the screen is bright enough to see in the sun

669 Ent. says:

Why would they downgrade on the viewfinder from the Ned 6 

sagar panchal says:

Hi Toby, Which camera is better a6000 or a77ii? How we can protect mirrorless camera sensor?

rsimpson79 says:

Hi Toby, again, great videos. I posted on one of your T5i instructional videos because I've been interested in moving to a larger camera system. Current cameras I have are Canon G10, and other Canon P and S's. I have my eye on the the a6000 as well, but I have questions about lens options. The T5i looked a bit better price wise because I would really like to get a prime lens for everyday use, street, portraits, etc. But, the offers from Sony seem to be a bit pricey and confusing. I'm looking at the 35mm 1.8 for a prime lens. Can you recommend a setup that will keep me under $1,000 for camera kit lens + prime? Thanks again.

MrMooseful says:

thanks for the reviews, all very informative.
Would you be able to perhaps express a preference if you had to choose between the A6000 and the D5300? You reviewed both extensively, so I hope you can shed some light on this.. Thank you

Lucas Martinez says:

with which camcorder filmed the video?

Thalita Vaz says:

thanks for the review, I'm just wondering if the pictures that you showed at the end were taken with kit lens. Thank you!

Strengthoftenmen says:

Great mini review Toby. I appreciate it as I'm looking to buy this camera soon. Please can you help me. I don't know if I should buy the kit 16-50 or the zeiss 16-70 lens. I'll also want to buy the 55-210 for telephoto. Have you tried both of these lenses and if not which good all round lens (canon) would you recommend? Many thanks. 

Moon Choi says:

i just order a6000 couple days ago .. is a6000 semi pro—ish camera? bundle with sel1670z…….

fetzinger10 says:

Thanks for the mini-review! The images you are showing at the end of the vid look great! Did you use the kit-lens that came with the camera? Any post-processing?

Iamdonald duck says:

great video Toby –i really like the cuts and nice backgrounds–make longer next time

Vinlying says:

Hi, Toby. Which would be the best bang for the buck? The Fujifilm XT1 or the Sony A6000? 

poncio dupont says:

On the matter of quality vrs price, how would you go between RX10 and a6000?
What gives you more for the money?

pew pew laser beams says:

@CameraRec_Toby sony just said fastest among aps c cameras, obds the 4ds or smaller sensor cameras will be faster.

nyc0053 says:

Gorgeous settings! Shilled videography as well.

Cove's Photography says:

Not all the images are from the kit lens right?  I'm guessing you have some primes for it too?

desk0z says:

Great Review, the images looking good. Never thought that such a small camera can great so good pictures. But I think the biggest problem is the lens availability. That fact is maybe better in one or two years!

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