Camera Review: Sony a6000 through Live Demonstration

This review of the Sony a6000 actually demonstrates taking pictures with it. Here the author is taking actual live pictures of a forest and shows how adjust the setting and what results to expect with this nifty camera.


muhammad zahid says:

You were at ISO 2000 when you said ISO 200 lol. Happens to the best of us.

Joshua Wilson says:

Could you please do a video on using canon lenses with the a6000? I'm just getting into photography and would like to know what I can get away with using other lenses as opposed to paying a ton of money for f4 native lenses. All info is greatly appreciated and keep up the great videos!

callunlavington says:

this is helpful 🙂 Im looking for a camera to take some photos of myself and my friends out freerunning and ths seems perfect, thank you

Dee-Dee Overton says:

Nice video!! What lens were you using?

drewmorgan says:

Is there any way to get this camera (via lens change or something?) to take those super crisp DSLR photos or is it just not possible? To me, these $600 cameras just look soft and don't have that absolute clarity.. if you know what I mean!

David Mathews says:

Found this buried in your files. Love the way you fix the camera and scene and go through shot set up options & process. Great learning tool. I just popped for the Sony a6000 silver with kit )plus bag/32GB card/2batteries+charger) for a crazy $550 Christmas deal on Amazon. Also got an adaptor so I can use my OLD OM 50mm f1.8 and my cherished Vivitar Series 1 70 – 210mm macro v.3 via manual focus. LOVE watching old reviews where guys are thrilled at paying $850 for the same camera & kit lens. It is absolutely a sweet outfit. Thanks for your efforts.

Gabriel Cember says:

"I'm going to overexpose this shot"
No reason to set up a shot like this and not shoot some brackets, eh?

Tiffany Yin says:

Would you recommend a sony A6000 or the Canon Rebel Sl1 as an "overall" camera?
I have heard that the sony's 16-50mm kit lens performs poorly?

Kozzy says:

Is there a way to use this camera as a webcam? I can't seem to find any help or any tutorial on it. Theres only canon and nikon DSLR tutorials on it.

Cornelius Maximillianus says:

I bought a5100 but I am sorry now that I didn't buy the a6000 for more quicker control

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