Camera Review: Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera Review

Here is a great review of the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. This review goes into some detail on what is great and what is not so great about this small but powerful camera. Listen and see if this is right for you.


Cat Nik says:

Hello! Can I ask: I need a camera to take videos of my cats inside my home for uploading them to You tube. Which camera would you recommend? Thank you very much for your consideration.

Diego Jose Ramos says:

You are definitely a guru in review, content and form. But mate, common, I didn't hear a solid review specific to Sony. Possibly wrong title.

story teller says:

a6000 or a5100? which one?

myshadowz205 says:

what camera are you using to record this video

myshadowz205 says:

what camera are you using to record this video

The Elmitts says:

Nx500 or a6000???

James Mccrone says:

Great review! Really helpful. I tend to travel a lot as of late, most of my photography is landscape/architecture. With a budget of £500/$750 and wanting a smaller (mirror-less) camera. Do you think this would be the best choice? I'm replacing a 60D with 17-85 usm lens. I know the A6300 has just arrived but is the extra £££ going to change the image quality? I think you'll be paying for video functionality more so? Also, I subscribed!

opjoipopikopp[pl[p[ says:

I see the noise level on the Sony very high, visible even at the base 100iso in shadow areas. The color renderings is slightly too cold – blue in jpg and raw. There is no touch screen. Battery life is short and it does not come with a battery charger. You charge via the USB port and it takes a long time. The kits zoom lens has horrible distinctions though correctable in LR. The dial placements are bad. All in all a horrible camera in my view.

nictheartist says:

Hi Toby, how would you rate the video quality compared to the A5000?

Mouli Samanta says:

sony a6000 or canon 750d?

ThePlushNinja says:

How good is the kit lens?

Mouli Samanta says:

canon 750d or this?

Alex Yap says:

hi i am struggling between whether i should get the lx100 or this camera. i found one (lx100) used for fairly cheap ($500). where im from the a6000 costs about $600 with the kit lens (brand new). do you think the a6000 is worth the extra $100? i would love to hear your thoughts on this. PS i am aware that the lx100 can shoot 4k video but i am looking for a compact camera that is aimed more towards photography as i plan to get the gh4 for my video shoots.

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