Camera Review: Sony a7 – 24MP – Full Frame Mirrorless Camera give an in-depth review of this fantastic little Sony a7 camera and comparing it to other cameras as well. Watch and see if this one is for you.


Mike Hydropneumatic says:

A7 + FE35 is my FF X100 :)

Dan Seabreeze says:

Placing the camera on airplane mode is supposed to dramatically increase battery life.

JoshSP2022 says:

I so desperately want to buy this, or the successor, for a trip I'm planning to take around Europe…..but damn it if the lack, and price, of lenses isn't making me rethink.

Ismael Gonzalez (izz dizz) says:

which would you recommend for a novice videographers? the sony A7 or the Canon t6s? please help

Saeed Ahmad says:

How can set my minimal speed in aperture priority mode in Sony A7 so that it don't go below 100?

Brian French says:

These are now selling used on ebay for about $800 – $900. Do you think its a good economical way to get into full frame? What else should I consider at that price point?

Achilleas Labrou says:

What I dislike with the Sony a7 series full frame mirrorless cameras is the lack of a full frame FE pancake lens.

If Sony wants a real small and light full frame mirrorless camera, it shouldn't have neglected the pretense of FE pancake lens.

The Sony APS-C crop frame mirrorless cameras have two pancake lenses. The SEL16F28 and the more expensive and sharper SEL20F28. Both are compatible with Sony a7 but in crop mode which delivers 2.4 times less resolution and sharpness.

Sony A7 series has 6 models and only 11 FE full frame lenses. Five of the eleven lenses are the expensive Zeiss ones, which have similar focal lengths with the native Sony ones.
So the real variety is smaller.

Sony has a bigger number APS-C lenses which can be used with Sony a7 series. Nevertheless the quality is by far worst.

Hieu Vo says:

You can change to camera to full frame or crops mode manually. If you have a 35mm, you can change it into a 52.5mm in crops mode.

Wan Wiles says:

would you still recommend this camera after all the other sony full frames released? (a7r, s) etc

Joseph Turner says:

so, if you can put NEX crop sensor lenses on it and it will automatically detect them and zoom in on the image, if I have Sigma Canon crop sensor lenses, will it do the same thing? is it capable of decent imaging that way?

Mike Anastasio says:

I can not wait to get my a7. I know I'm a little late to the party but, I got an amazing deal and it is my first full frame camera and I am super excited!

BCtechB says:

+PhotoRec Toby  I'm planning on buying a Sony A7,what memory cards do u recommend to investigate?I shoot both videos and stills.

0mega101 says:

Sony A7 has seen dramatic price drop and now only like $999 body and I can find used one that come with the kit lens around $900.  D610 and 6D both been out longer and don't see that price this low.  I wonder why?

Louie Escorido says:

How is the Autofocus in Low light. Is it Decent at least?

crxracer805 says:

I just sold my Nikon D3300 and upgraded to the D5300 and I'm pretty happy. I love how the screen flips out, more auto focus points and the bracketing for HDR. Thinking about getting the A7 in the future because of the full frame. Does the A7 do bracketing? What would be a good portrait lens for the A7?

Christopher Iuliano says:

between A7, 6d, and d610, which would you choose for real estate photography?

Mohan Krishna says:

Is it good for wildlife photography? I currently uses Canon 1D Mark II N and Canon 550D which is fairly old cameras. Looking for an upgrade to full frame camera. Sony A7 is perfect for my budget but I have concern on af system. Do you think it is worthy upgrade??

Luc Despatis says:

Just listened to 2 of your reviews: The Sony A 7 and the Fuji XT1.  I still find it very hard to make my mind up on the one I will get.  Your reviews are great giving "both sides of the coin".   You are not trashing the product… And yet you are not falling into a over-positive attitude about the cameras…. I like that.  Is it fair to always compare these cameras with your big Canon Camera ? Not sure but it does give a reference point.  Thanks for a very informative session.

jon hermannsson says:

is ISO performance lost using E-mount lenses?   or just image is smaller due to cropping?   for example who will the E-mount 35mm F1.8 due vs the 35mm FE f2.8 –  which will provide more shallow DOF anf better low light performance?

bavmav1 says:

sorry, Nikon, not kikon.

bavmav1 says:

is this a7 worth the 1700$, and would you use this over canon or kikon?

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