Camera Review: Sony a7RII Reviewed by User

This review of the Sony a7RII DSLR camera is from a users point of view on what features he likes and what he does not. It is also a general opinion on how it preforms when taking pictures. It is useful to anyone planning to purchase this camera. Thanks for watching.


Ben Whoever says:

A full frame lens-interchangeable camera that fits into my laptop bag. O yeah….

Liangshi Xu says:

regrading about the app inside camera system. after you purchased, does it go with your account or the camera itself? or you have to log into the camera first ? lol xD

Liangshi Xu says:

and powerbank should be compatibale with all dslrs and mirrerless cameras …

Orange Line Project says:

Great review.

tomhogan20 says:

I don't no what to get a 5d markiii or this Sony what would you go with?

Liangshi Xu says:

some onetell me the intro music pls!!

Reach says:

I could get this and some cheap glass or a D750 with amazing glass, a Billingham Bag, and probably some other accessories while still having money left over. I shoot landscapes primarily so I can't decide.

Zack Mejias says:

Awesome review! Im curious, what did you film this video with? Also did you light this? Is it natural with a bounce fill?

Fernando Stange says:

Hello +Toby, you do a very good job with your tutorials .
I need a advice , I have the sony a7s, and i need to bay a photo camera , have in mind the mark II canon 1DX , sony a7rii, the Nikon d5 or if the rumor is true the nikon d850. (or perhaps some other ?)

Has used the camera to fashion photography , Studio photography , portraits , weddings , landscapes photography , sports , cars , etc.
I get the question , whether the 1DX 20mp or d5 be enough. and i want to have the alternative to make crops without losing much quality.

Beforehand thank you very much.

Ahmed Almuhairi says:

thx, you made me for sure not by sony yet. was thinking of xpro2 or sony.

Ermis Anargyros Avgoustidis says:

nice review..thanks, i need your opinion for adapter, cause im coming from Canon 5dsr and i want to use my lenses and sigma 20mm 1.4 for Canon. also your recomendetion for Sony landscape lenses.. Do u believe that i have to wait for another model in future? or to go now for a7rii?

Audrey Goforth says:

just bought a A7r11 .thank you for the review! would love to see the battery saving u tube. one suggestion: say your name a few more times throw out the video so its easy to find you and get to know your name.  I still don't know it with out spending time looking for it.

Michael Michael says:

excellent video….

MrTobamory says:

I agree one of the best Camereas ive used and the way or lack of speed Canon and Nikon are Innovating is concerning, only the Purists will stay, DPreview is littered with people moving to Sony from Canon. I have the external Batt Pack which straps to my belt if I doing major days lasts about 4 batteries worth, but I live with it as the body is much smaller and lighter than by D800E

Ryan Turner says:

It's a shame the Sony 24-70 f4 lens is rubbish for sharpness except in the dead center.

philip cobbinah says:

i wonder what camera was used in filming this

Romeo's Animals says:

notice how the video gets darker, why is that?

Duke Gledhill says:

Great review as always… quick question, did you ever nail those AF point selection woes?

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