Sony a6300 Comprehensive Review

This video is a fantastic review of the Sony a6300 camera. Comparing it to other Sony models. Very informative.


CycleCruza says:

Latest firmware update fixes the overheating issues.

Guardian Observer says:

And how much the lenses cost?

Abdelilah Hilal says:

aww you may visited morocco? at 11:09 that's awesome ☺ I'm watching your videos from a long time. keep going ☺

all good says:

for landscape is it great this 3600 or should i get the 7r ? thanks

nerves says:

Vehicle memory card? Lens filter?

DreamArena says:

Just a quick comment – I've watched a lot of your videos because I really like your review style and the info you provide. However, I always felt that your voice volume was a bit small compared to the background music. I think it would make for an even better experience if you lowered the in-video background music a bit and increased your voice a little. Keep those great videos coming!

Satya Yaya says:

sony a6300 or fuji xt10 ?

fak1t says:

So How about the GH4 vs A6300?

Dylan Kalloo says:

I'm trying to decide between an A6300 and or the 80D. I want to be doing both stills and video. I'm fine with no touch screen but I do need a camera that will be reliable. Any thought?

Justin Tang says:

Does anyone know which lens he used for the lion shot?

Saurat says:

My friend has just bought a A6300 fitted with a Zeiss 16-70mm lens, a 2,000 euro combination. So I was intrigued to do some direct comparisons between his camera and my ancient Canon T2i with 18-55 kit lens. Both cameras set with the same exposure. No processing, just OOC jpegs. Basically there was not much difference! The Sony was a tad sharper, but this could only be seen at 100% screen viewing. But occasionally the Canon was sharper, and had much nicer color rendition and natural feel. The differences between the 24mb Sony sensor and the 18mb Canon sensor were hardly noticeable. I guess the moral of this story is that it really doesn't matter if you have the latest bit of expensive gear, it will not improve you as a photographer, for that you will need to look elsewhere.

shaolin95 says:

longer option will be the LAEA3 with Tamron 70-200 2.8. it's fantastic but of course you miss some AF options though

soumyajit paul says:

Hey toby i'm getting my first serious camera next week for travel photography. Which would be better a6300 with the kit lens or a6000 + zeiss 16-70? They are almost similar in price in my country. I don't need 4k.

Jon Penton says:

Toby, great work again. Thank you for your time, effort, and knowledge in putting this together. I've been happily using my Canon 70D for 2 years now, for weddings, portraits, commercial work, and travel. I've earned several thousands of dollars with it, and have many repeat clients, but my constant struggle and point of disappointment is in low light situations where pushing the ISO after using a wide aperture (2.8 or wider), and proper shutterspeed, (or if flash isn't an option) gives me a noisy image that I'm hesitant to give my clients. I don't mind staying in the crop sensor realm and getting the a6300 if it has significant improvement in the higher ISO image quality over the 70D, particularly. Can you confidently say that is the case? Or should I just jump to the full frame options (my need strictly being better high ISO performance)

Mohamed Ahmed says:

the 4k jello effect makes 4k useless for this camera which is why a lot of people will buy it. What's the point of having 4k if you can't use it sigh i was really excited for this camera but the rolling shutter problem killed it for me

Martti Suomivuori says:

A lot of facts here, very clearly represented. Not a visual experience, though. What makes you camera people think that we want to look at your talking heads instead of picture material either taken with the camera or clips showing the handling or various tricks regarding the material under discussion?

Mauger Moments says:

Love the picture of that cougar! I'd love to hear how you captured that… Great review btw. Very level headed and seemed unbiased.

Gadit Careca says:

You tube goyang hot

Keith VanDusen says:

Hi Toby, I'm trying to decide between the a6300 and the Canon 80D and Nikon D7200/7100. Do you think that the sony controls are significantly slower or more difficult to use (especially regarding focus point selection)? How do you think the Sony kit 18-55 stacks up against the equivalent Nikon and Canon kit lenses? Thank you!

Justin Tang says:

Where was the mountain lion shot taken? (or whatever that animal was)

TheJustheal says:

DO you recommend the FE Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS or the Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS?

The Post Color Blog (Dave's Tuts) says:

Great review! Literally the best I've seen so far. No one really mentions the focus points in the manner that you did, and your mention of the app for vlogs was right on the money. I see so many reviews where they just complain about it not have a swivel screen (like the Canon 60d for example) – and they never mention the app. Either out of omission, or by just not knowing the option is even there!! I upgraded from the A6000 to the a6300 and couldnt be happier. Thanks again!!

subhashis banerjee says:

+PhotoRec Toby thanks for such a nice review. please advice which one will have better iq between e 35 f1.8 oss & e 16 70 f4 oss.

Dennis Lopez says:

hi Toby years ago I got a Canon 60D per your recommendation, now I come to you once more lol. I'm really thinking about making the switch to sony ans this might be the camera i would want. I currently have the sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS and Canon EF 50mm 1.4. I know I could get the metabones adapter to use the Canon lens. Would the a6300 be a good way to step into mirrorless cameras? I was also thinking of staying canon and getting the 80D, but it seems like the a6300 offers a lot more. I do mostly landscape, street photography, some portrait, and video.

Daniel Florez says:

Hey I hope this isn't too much to ask but someone recommended me this camera after I told him I'd want to do mainly landscape/nature pictures after long hikes and off trail hikes due to it's size and also because I'd like to shoot some video. I told him I would do about 70% stills and 30% video. I was wondering if you would agree with this recommendation or if maybe you would steer me in a different direction such as a7 II. Thank you for your time!

TheRcEngineer says:

I love my a6000 so much cam in such a small package.
The a6300 is too expensive, as a photographer the A7II gives me more bang for the buck.
For video the 80D would be king if only they implemented 4k, Canon is becoming a joke,…

The best lens is missing in your list Samyang 12mm. I made great shots with this lens, definitley my favourite.

Dan M says:

Finally actually held a real life a6000 for the first time today, and I just cannot see this series becoming my main camera, as good as the features are for the price point, it's just too small. (And I'd have to buy an metabones) I love the size of something like a 70D, 6D etc, the grip is so comfy. Would I take an a6000/6300 as a travel camera I can just put in my pocket though? Absolutely. It's gonna take it's place in the wish list behind a drone though.

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