Cell Phone Camera: Review of the LG G4 Camera and Its Capabilities

Here is a review of the LG G4 camera. Some cell phone cameras really have remarkable features and this video shows what the LG G4 can do.

Below is a sample picture:

LG G4 Sample Images



Harry Trejo says:

Great video. I recently got the LG G4 and I really like the manual mode option that it offers. Have you tried some of the advance camera apps such as Camera FV-5, Manual Camera, or ProShot with the G4? If so, how do they compare to the stock LG G4 camera app. Thank you.

MohdWahidi Rosni says:

good review. i think for most ocassion, phone camera already replaces the dslr but in fast moving objects and where optical zoom is needed, dslr is still unbeatable

paul stone says:

sd card up to 2tb not 120gb.

victor bozzo says:

So that is interesting. Raw photos is one of the strongest selling points of this camera yet you found it to be not all that impressive. Explain to me how JPG photos differ from the photos I would shoot in auto mode. You seemed to be saying that the quality is noticeably improved by shooting .JPG photos or maybe I heard wrong. Well done once again. :)

Kiros Amin says:

Amazing thanks

Eden Jackson says:

What should be the camera settings for manual mode to achieve best picture quality?

Indigo Kraze says:

Great video on LG G4 camera. Thanks. I don't think smartphone camera should surpass any entry or high end DSLR. Smartphone camera should be great on it's own and shouldn't be compared to DSLR. There is so much for a smartphone to handle, which DSLR can't like straight upload into social media with ease.

sumanth parakala says:

DSLRs will always have an advantage of variety in lens and their ability to invite amounts of light. that being said, android can surpass on post-processing front, definitely in near future.

JamesChaseMedia says:

Correction not up to 128gbs it can take up to 2tbs

brunoWoWps says:

Nice content!! How can I improve the quality of my Sony Xperia Z3 pictures ? I tried to set manual, lowest ISO, but, it is too low quality from a 20mpx sensor, any 8mpx smartphone camera can get better shots… theres something wrong?

kilgore trout says:

When researching which smartphone to get to replace my Moto X, the camera quality was my priority.  I had settled on getting the LG G4.  Then I started reading about the touchscreen problems many were having.  When I looked at the Samsung S6, I read about the ram and battery problems.  So I decided to look for a nice little WIFI camera to carry along with whatever phone I end up with instead of trying to have it all in one device.  Thanks for your insightful and informative reviews.  I find them very interesting and am learning a lot about cameras and photography. For what it's worth, I doubt that smartphone cameras will ever replace DSLRs.

David Marte says:

Best review of the camera on this phone so far. Thumbs up! 

TGR says:

excellent review. exactly what i was looking for. thankyou

zaza mukhtar says:

Love this review.

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