Camera Tips: Five Great Tips for Sharper Images with Any Camera

Video giving great advice on how to get sharper images with your camera. Watch and learn.


Chad Barnier Design says:

Hadn't heard of Tip 4, love it! Thanks, Toby :)

edalat radfar says:

not to use wide aperture, using fast shutter speed, using low ISO…!!! then it's not sharp it's crazy dark

Kevin Mathuews says:

And keep lotion on the desk because you're going to need to jerk off a lot because woman will find you repulsive.

Svenja says:

That was very interesting and very, very helpful. Thanks a lot, Toby.

Iván Ceballos says:

Thank you so much Toby. This was very useful for me!. I have a question: if i want to take a nightscape picture and get a sharp full image, what should i do?

i realized some of my nightscapes pictures are blurred in the corners, so i think i could be doing a wrong focusing.

richard justol says:

i have canon t5i and currently using sigma lens 17-50mmf2.8. Am very frustrated because i cant have sharp images during indoor shoots or in lowlight condition. By the way using also a speedlite. Sorry am still learning with photography. Your advise will be so much appreciated. Thanx

New Homes of Tampa Bay says:

Great video, I really like the way that you explain things, any quick advice on getting good shots for indoor portraits and short videos?

Padraic Reid says:

Fantastic. Thanks.

Hanna vang says:

This helped a lot, thanks! But I'm still having trouble focusing when photographing concerts. It's usually metal concerts, where musicians move quickly and a lot, and the lighting is always low and usually red (which seems to be especially hard to photograph). Any tips?

Jonathan Hubbs says:

Thanks for the tips. You are clear and concise. I just subscribed. Also, happy thanksgiving.

Joydev Acharjee says:

Many many thanks for Inportant Tips

Eric Cohen says:

what about digiscoping. i use a canon 50mm prime lens and its been suggested i use f 1.4? shouldn't i or should i. i'm usually at 20-35x magnification.

William A. Horton says:

you always give great ideas and pointers, I use a lot of the stuff I have learned from you to help me start taking pictures and videos

Magnum says:

Great tips! Thanks for posting this.

Ray Myers says:

Darn Toby! You should have at least hid the lotion on your computer desk.

L BS says:

whats the ISO sweet spot when your indoor or in low light?

Cody Smith says:

My focus ring spins but seems loose. It doesn't change the sharpness of the images. Is it broken? It's the ring on the very end not the zoom ring. Kit lens 18-55mm 70D

samith madusanka says:

Hi fb address pls mention

John Runk says:

You know what would be awesome, +PhotoRec Toby? A similar set of tips for maintaining image quality while shooting video. Or have you already done that?

Jake Evans says:

Image stabilization can't be turned off on my sony lens. Will tripod shots be ok?

Hugh T says:

use a dispersed flash 

Chris Hu says:

Wouldn't your image possibly be boring if you are using your center focus point unless you focus recompose which then I hear people complain that you could potentially be moving the focus plane?

Also you can't use the center focus point for moving subjects as well  if you want to focus recompose depending on how fast and the plane that they are moving.

Ranez Gurubhai says:

i.e, if you want good sharpen pictures DONT BUY Canon70d!!!! I bought this s*** camera and now im trying contect with the sallers in order to get my money back!

Tom Scott says:

On my X-E2 I've been experimenting with "back-button" focus and I'm finding my images are a bit sharper as a result.  As with most things Fuji it's a bit of a trick and involves setting the camera to manual focus (which temporarily disables auto focus with a 1/2 shutter depress) and using the AF-L button to do a quick center point autofocus.  Refine the focus manually, recompose if needed, and shoot.  I find the focus is tighter and with the shutter button performing only one task I'm able to hold the camera steadier.  BTW, great job on the videos.  Short, informative, to the point, and devoid of sophomoric gear destruction.  

jai rian says:

As usual Toby, your reviews are the best, thank you again.
regarding the I.S on tripod its very true , I experienced it myself last week, I  had dig in and what I read somewhere was pretty convincing….it says….  camera’s IS system essentially detects its own vibrations, which are picked up and amplified by the tripod…I think it could happen…not very sure

Yoav Givon says:

Just out of curiosity, could   you please dig into the techy stuff of the contradictory, Tripod and VC.  That’s amaze me.  
P.S like your sessions very much , Thanks !

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