What you Need to Know about Photography Histograms

Excellent video by Photo Academy explaining what is photography histograms and how to effectively use them as a tool to take better pictures. Watch and learn.


Saeed Zarif says:

Great video, Subscribed :)

José Silva says:

Always, a Great tutorial! I like the way both of you explain things!

Ed Velez says:

Something I often forget is to come out of evaluative metering and to go to spot where its needed to bring the shadows and mids back.  Guess I could throw in some compensation to bring the exposure up.  Have seen others try to capture the whole frame not realizing the dynamic range of the camera just wont do it.  So you have to decide what the center of the attraction is for the photo and if you get blown out highlights but you get the shot you want, thats the sacrifice….but I am sure you have plans to combat the dynamic range discussion with a lesson on HDR…

Nunya Biz says:

Another incredibly informative, easy to follow video from Greg  & company.

Mochan says:

Thank you!!!

John Mullany says:

Could you please explain histogram clipping and how much of it is acceptable. 

Shireen Goosen Alberts says:

Thank you very much – great tutorial!!

John E says:

Nice work, liking the videos! I just recently stated relying more on histograms out on shoots.

albertr915 says:

two videos in and I am loving this video series. Greg and Kathy are doing a outstanding job in this video series. looking forward to many more.

Nicklas löf says:

Great video =)

mattetoet says:

Great video! This explains why some of my picture are getting too noisy after post production. Going to check this more often;)

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