Photography Tips: A Great Overview on Taking Pictures in Manual Mode – Aperture, ISO Settings Etc.

Video giving the fundamentals on how the camera functions and what settings you should use to take great pictures. Watch and learn.


Leo Loyola says:

what keeps me from sleep is…everytime I zoom in or out on my lens( 18-135mm) I have to change the aperture just to have a clear picture…and on a event , you don't have time for that…..I think av mode is more for a special pictures where u can have time to set the right aperture u would like and depth of field , like a portrait , landscape etc ….am I wrong ?

Daniel Pérez Cabello says:

Thank you Greg and Kathy. I'm beginner in photography and your videos (and transcripts for non English-Speakers) are helping me to improve my photos' quality and understand photography principles.

Brent Ross says:

Needs more cut aways to show what you are talking about id say. Like you talk about how more iso is better than a corrected underexposure, or how and over nouse reduced image can be over smooth. I would have liked to see examples. Other than that this is a handy series 

Jay Ma says:

Like your videos. Thanks

YouTube Bum says:

Great information.Thanks.

amanindia11 says:

like it…

tom rzaca says:

Audio is a little low.

Federico Feroldi says:

Nice format. I think it works perfectly and it can be a great help for new photographers.

Mike Ceccanti says:

Greg, for some reason I can't get on the forum, I tried from home, work and my phone.

Bobby Stacy says:

Thanks for the first installment of your new teaching! Loved it! Can't wait for the next!
I do have a suggestion for future productions. Could you do some actual in the field training? Meaning, do a mini session (15-20min shoot) based on the actual teachings for that week? 

Maxsdiscos says:

It was good, and only 10 minutes. I will look forward to next week's episode, as I am still not familiar with histograms, despite seeing them being demonstrated before, twice in your videos.

Paul Moadibe says:

Great video !
I personally didn't need those recap, but I finally bought my wife a camera, so instead of busting my @ss trying to make her understand the exposure triangle, I'll show her this lesson !!

Vic May says:

Well done Greg, easy to follow and very clear instruction. 

Terry Owens says:

Outstanding video. So glad I found and started following you.

Mike Ceccanti says:

Awesome job can't wait for next lesson.

Martin says:

Great to swee you guys back on track

dakipro says:

Awesome video, A W E S O M E!
I like sample photos a lot. Looking forward to seeing rest of the series. 

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