Camera Tips: How Does the Focal Length Affect Your Picture Taking

This is a great video which explain how the focal length affect your perspective and as a result the picture you take. Watch and learn.


Griffinrex says:

That was an amazing tip Toby…I love all u r videos, they r really helpful and informative…keep this good thing going on Toby…A big thanks from India…mate

marcoalza says:

Excellent Toby. Thanks so much. "Back-up and Zoom in" Easy

syousef says:

First understand that I am a huge fan of your work, especially your lens reviews. I really appreciate the time you take and your no nonsense approach. So the criticisms below are intended to be constructive and specific.

"On a crop sensor 35 is equal to 50".

Actually I think what you've demonstrated is that this is not true at all, at least in terms of proportion of head to body etc Cropping a 35mm does not make the same image as 50mm in terms of background compression, proportions of head to body etc. 

Also I think you missed an opportunity when talking about the bride you took out and shot;-) to talk about camera height and camera angle. Shooting down on someone that is heavier set will minimize the chin and size of the bod. The shorter the focal length the more pronounced the effect giving you a smaller body, but of course you have to balance that against against the effect on the facial features you were talking about (ie. big nose bobble head). However I note this is not a portraiture tutorial – but you could have led into that. (Perhaps also this is my own personal bias. I recently took a picture I love of my wife and put it up for critique only to be slammed for shooting from too low an angle – I know what you mean about a blow to the ego. On the plus side it's really got me thinking about and researching this aspect of portraiture).

Once again thank you for your work.

Christie Jahn says:

Very interesting video 🙂 

Yakhashe says:

It's funny how everybody thinks the type of a sensor (APS-C or full-frame) changes the focal length of the lens… if a 30mm lens looks funny on a full frame it will also look funny on an APS-C! You just don't see that much of the surrounding! The proportions of head/body are still strange :)

sidmar23323 says:

what if i tell you that the perspective did not change because of the change of focal length but the change of distance of the photographer

Eric Grenier says:

I really appreciate your tone. Your teach without talking down. Thanks for all your help! 

Frank says:

Not sure what type of 12-24mm sigma lens you are referring to at 5:45, but the 12-24mm sigma lens that I know of is 100% full frame and does not show vignetting when you remove the front filter ring.

Frank says:

It's the distance to subject that affects the perspective, not the focal length. Sure, you want to make good use of your sensor area to catch your subject with more pixels, and choose a decent focal length to achieve that. But if you take a portrait with a 12mm lens at 10 feet distance, the face will look quite normal.

Guuto Pelegrini says:

Thanks! all of your videos are really helpful!!!!!

Jim Davis says:

Thanks Toby. You always do a great job!

swarmingwisdom says:

Awesome advice!

Milorad Bijelović says:

Extraordinary clear explanations. Thanks a lot for this video. Subscribed.

nyc0053 says:

2 THUMPS UP. if I could.

Jack Hannaford says:

As always nice video Toby. They reckon that on a APS-C camera, 50mm prime is a good lens as the best results are got at 85mm on a full frame camera.

I'm sure there's all sorts of reasons to agree and disagree on this point, but thought I'd share :)

thetrackkilla says:

50mm is great I want to get that 50mm 1.2 Canon but I don't wanna give up an arm or leg lol I am going to try 50mm 1.4 for now lol

Felix Cayetuna says:

Which leads me to ask why are there primes in the 24, 40, or 50mm, even 85's and 135mm? What are their uses primarily and why should you buy ,or not buy them for example? I hope you'll find time to answer this Toby. Thanks again for this feature. Have fun on your trip! :)


Definitely the Best explanation of this effect on youtube. Great vid thanks.

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