Photography Tips: How to Import and Edit Your Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Great video introducing Adobe Lightroom, which is a photo editor and also used to share your pictures with others. Watch and learn.


Audittr2108 says:

Just what I needed to get me started. Being new to LR, this is a simple video that shows how to import, do some basic editing and export. This is just how I (and a lot of people) will use LR 95% of the time. Thanks Toby!

Sh Afnan says:

Fantastic tutorial Toby 👌 👍 Loved it! Thank you so much!

Stephen Adds says:

Importing from the SD card is sound advice. I, along with others, have found Lightroom sometimes fails to import RAW files directly from the 70d – not ideal and easily missed.

Regina Rae says:

Finally, a straight forward tutorial, that provided me much comprehension on what previously seemed complex, to this lightroom new user. Many Thanks CaeraRec Toby! 

Mitch Jonhson says:

I need some help in develop windows the basic are not showing any more and i dont know , how to bring it back.

gornym says:

Toby, do you have any recommendations to computer monitor to be used by amateur photographer? Screen size, resolution? Can you share model you use?

David Wasserman says:

Thanks for the video. Lately I've been importing as dng because the file size is substantially smaller than my RAW files without losing any pertinent data. Is this a mistake, do you think I should be using the raw files out of the camera? Plus they open up easily in Photoshop CC for further editing. 

Frans G says:

Whats up?

MrEye4get says:

I've seen several videos suggesting only using Lr to manage all your photos. They caution you must stay with Lr once you commit.  My NikonD5200 uses ViewNX 2 to import photos and keep track of photos already imported. Finding and managing duplicates is also a challenge.  

Lee Pinnington says:

I know this is about lightroom but have you ever used/tried Adobe Creative Cloud for editing, don't have lightroom but interesting video all the same, personally prefer Photoshop but not too heavily though for obvious reasons. Thanks Toby

desk0z says:

Thank you for this nice tutorial. Lightroom is such a massive program to manage, develop and store all of my photos. Nice to see this tutorial on your channel. I am still a little bit confused about my default sharing service, I can not decide between G+, Facebook or Flickr…! I think I have to watch your video again.

Zé Souto says:

And just as I was about to say I wanted a video showing your editing workflow in lightroom this video comes out. Great work predicting my thoughts! And I agree that scoring the photos is the best way to go about choosing the best ones.

TOMMYBOY6969 says:

Very good video.  Can you tell us the difference between Lightroom and Aperture ?

Saad Sayed says:

Thank You so much. I had downloaded Lightroom earlier but was too afraid of using it. Now i can actually start using it! 

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