Photography Tips: How to Shoot Sharper Photos

Excellent video explaining the settings you need to shoot sharper pictures and what subject matter produce better and sharper images. Watch and learn


Daniel Pérez Cabello says:

Thank you Greg, your videos are awesome and helpfull!!!

Mike9201984 says:

Can you make the intro song longer? I love that guitar solo

JUMOWA says:

I will watch them all. May I ask why you post less videos now?

MrJcasilva says:

Excelente! seus vídeos são muito bem vindos Mr. Cazillo! greetins from Brazil!

Carl Myers says:

when will you have you next class on working with camersa

Eren Alkan says:

Very informative thank you so much Gregory!

jamboni says:

i swear this didn't show up in my feed! essential info here, thanks Greg, u is da shiz ;)

Aleksanderh says:

The bumpers are really annoying. Otherwise great video.

EchelonDelta9 says:

Excellent video; very Interesting recommendations in relation to back button focus and focus and recompose. It would be great if you could dig a little deeper into this at some point.

Angela Beck says:

Thanks for the great video, I needed help with this area. I'm going to work on that homework assignment this week!

albertr915 says:

excellent video Greg. good to have you back buddy.

Tennishead21 says:

Great video, Greg; really strong and helpful. :)

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