Taking Pictures Tips: Tips for Better User Experience with the Sony A7 Mark II Camera

Great video by Photorec.tv giving excellent tips on how to take better pictures. There are some helpful advice on how to save battery life and adjusting the setting to get great results. Worth looking at.


Astrid Bodart says:

How do you use ael with back focus button?

Derek Lau says:

Hi I have the older A7r Mk 1 and agree with you on these points, I've added a few more power saving settings for the camera;
– Powersave time to 10 sec (Start up from sleep is faster than cold start from switch)
– Screen off assigned to down button key – Although the backlight is on, pixels stay black.
– Monitor Brightness set to Manual and lowest possible as the View Finder can be used under any light conditions
– Display Quality set to standard as I cannot see much of a difference between the two.

Hope this is of help to anybody.

Kamil Iqram says:

Hi, great video and i would love to follow what you said, but I dont have the Flexible Spot:M option. I have only 3 focus area option. Help

Chris Smith says:

Do you know how to set photos to 12mp? I only see 5mp as the highest option

ric m says:

good info – thanks for sharing

Rajan Studio says:

HI, Saw your video on A 7II sony. I wonder if you could comment on the change in technology from Mirror to Mirrorless in coming years, as well hoe much do you think its successful for professionals.

lil manlet (lilmanlet) says:

does this cameras autofocus match something of that with the canon 70d for video?

Tom Jf says:

If i may give you 1 tip, turn off "LiveViewDisplay" It will help to find the right focussing spot in darker area's. And to increase batterylife change Finder/Monitor to Manuel, it will save a lot off battery

Eze Ebiringa says:

Sony 28mm f2.0 prime is the best walk around and affordable lens currently in my opinion.

pat dinco says:

Wonder when sigma will jump on the lens lineup :/

Owen Harvey says:

I found the best way to save battery power is to switch to viewfinder only. When the eye sensor doesn't register your face, it toggles the viewport off. Also I put power saving at 10 seconds.

That has saved me lots of battery.

The downside is, Auto lenses take a few seconds to power back up again, and will use battery power doing so, and also you have to manually change to monitor if you wish to use it.

But for me in the right situation, it is my go to setup.


Sweet 🙂 We shot our last movie "my days as a woflman" on the sony A7s with shogun. pretty nice picture quality :)

Vipul Kapadia says:

Using the center button of the wheel for focus is brilliant! I have asked how to do this to so many people and no one knew…until now!

giuvilas1 says:

Any way to setup the aps-c on/off in the custom settings? I can't find it in the list..it would be handy..

Asio Liu says:

My A7M2 gets grainy and noisy video in shadow area in PP7 (ISO 1600). It looks OK though in my custom Picture Profiles in ISO 200~1200. Is that normal? Thanks for any info.

Li jo says:

how to lock a single shot without being deleted

Zhorell Ski says:

Novice question here. does the focus settings work with manual lens?

parag167 says:

I'm a crop sensor camera user.. I want to upgrade to SONY a7 Mark II . Will this be a good option?

petros vittas says:

perfect tips specially with af central button !!

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