Tips on Making Your Personal Photos better with a Photo Editor

Great video showing how to make your pictures look better with some editing and tips for better angles and placement of subject matter. Watch and learn.


wayne salo says:

Love the Lightroom work. Keep it coming. Thanx

Drakkozoid says:

Great tips Toby! You give great feedback. I really appreciated the RGB skin tone tip, will be using that soon!

Just_Kyle S says:

It would be nice to see a quick slideshow at the end showing everything else that was submitted. I'm assuming it isn't hundreds of images of course.

sovanbu says:

I've commented before but you always critique in a positive way. I've seen other photographers on YouTube sound like Dicks. You do not. Good job!

Samuel Shatsky says:

my left ear really liked this video

Krystal says:

Thank you so much Toby! I've shared how I feel about this on Facebook so I won't ramble…lo! I am so grateful to you and your channel for helping me start out in my photography journey 3 1/2 years ago. I hope to join you on one of the McKay trips or photowalks in the future. :)

Jeff McQuinn says:

Love the 10-10-10 Guideline for skin tones. Its something I have always struggled with in mixed light sources. Never have hear of it. Great tip. Thanks!

Enrique says:

Very nice video Toby, but you have to move that box behind you that shows right over your head LOL


Democosoh says:

Gives advices on framing.
Crops out half of the girl's feet.

Jim D says:

great tips. thanks for sharing

photographerjonathan says:

why are you doing videos alone now. what happened to your female sidekick ?

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