Tips on How to Take and Edit Pictures of Buildings

Great video, where Toby is giving great advice on some example of pictures of buildings. Tips also on how to edit them after the fact.

Watch and learn.


Sam Polley says:

It really made me laugh when you said 'some kind of castle'. When are you visiting London?! Be sure to visit the Tower of London 👌🏻

David Deblaere says:

Any way I can have the winning picture? I would love to have it as a desktop wallpaper.

Audittr2108 says:

In the River Thames photo, the "some sort of castle thing" is just The Tower Of London!!

wowJhil says:

Your videos are awesome, very educational and interesting! Good for just anyone who wants to take photos, amateurs and more profesional alike.

The second picture you process into a nicer show overall, but I felt the columns below added some air and made the picture a bit more intriguing.

Thomas Aitken says:

When you submit pictures for the critique do you have to send a raw file?

Edward Quizon says:

what is your IG account and facebook?it will be best if you also include your IG id and FB account into the video description, so people watch your video can follow you. thanks nice video though

Blackmagic1o0 says:

Audio got messed up for some reason at 0:47

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