Wedding Photography: What to Do on the Wedding Day

Here is some tips on what you as a photographer should do on the day of the wedding to take good pictures.


Low Panda Express says:

Thanks you two, this actually helped me focus a bit on next weeks wedding and organize myself better :)

Daryl Pike says:

I've got a wedding middle of the year, so wanted to get Cristinas thoughts as she is a wedding photographer after all. Loved the video – make you should do another one.. whats changed in 3 years?!

Sword of Space & Time says:

One other thing if your renting gear run a test because you take that gear out. On Reddit I read one photographer was sent a bad lens and he went out and used it. You never know who had that lens before you and was it tested well when it got sent back.

Sword of Space & Time says:

One thing don't full up your card cards leave about 25% room on the card all the time. When you start to full up card or hard drive that's when data errors can happen.

Sword of Space & Time says:

I know she said she brings two cameras as a back up but I saw on Reddit one photographer had two Nikon's go down on a wedding. The photographer said he had his Nikon D800 on his Blackrapid and he did not screw the Blackrapid in that tight and the camera fell to the ground and the Nikin D800 stopped working.

He went for his second camera a Nikon D600 and very soon that camera started to have problems. He said it was a new camera and Nikon put in a bad circuit board.

The photographer called his wife and told her to run to Best Buy ASAP and buy a new Nikon D800. He said he was lucky because his wife is a wedding photographer also but she did not have a wedding that day.

The photographer did get the Nikon D800 working again. My guess he pulled the battery. Also he said the DJ had a crop sensor camera and ask the DJ if he could use that camera if his Nikon D800 started having problems again and the DJ said yes.

I tell people to keep your kit lens even if you are buying better lens. What if you dropped your wide lens? Well that kit lens can be a back up for your wide lens if something happens.

If your camera takes two memory cards always use two memory cards. Be careful with CF cards pins sometimes bend don't force and cards in super fast.

From what I heard Scandisk are the best cards to get. That's not to say Scandisk is bullet proof.

If your camera only takes one memory card then shoot raw+jpeg. If there is a bad sector on the card maybe writing two files will give you a back up to one file that did not write well.

I like to format my cards twice in camera just to do a clean wipe.

South LA Hiker says:

Good advice.. Thanks!

Ryan Gritt says:

You guys have come so far since this video was published, great work!!

chicagosouth56 says:

thank you!

Aki says:

Great tips! Thank you!

PhotoRec TV says:

Ask this question on my facebook page and I will link you to a video that nicely answers your question.

Ricky Martinez says:

What would be a full frame camera? And a crop sensor camera?

moayad555 says:

Valuable information, thank you very much both.

PhotoRec TV says:

5D Mark IIIs, one with 24-70 lens and one with the 50 f/1.4 lens. Thanks!

Joel Morales says:

Toby what camera did you use to film this video? Looks really nice.

Christian Miranda says:

for a moment there i thought the girl in the thumbnail was zooey deschanel :D

Anggeli Cruz says:

Thank you for answering my question about SD card sizes! I can sleep well tonight!

Anggeli Cruz says:

Thank you! This was really helpful!! I'm almost done editing my first wedding and I'm on to the next wedding next week!

Jade Komrij says:

Why So Seriousssss

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