Tips on How to Take Better and Edit your Wildlife Pictures

Great video, where Toby is giving great advice on some example wildlife pictures. Tips also on how to edit them after the fact.

Watch and learn.


WellOfSadness says:

Thank you very much!! This videos helps me a lot! :)

João Teixeira says:

Fantastic critiques as usual, I've been learning a lot from these kind of videos and I hope you are able to continue with the "YOUR Photo Critiqued".
Regarding the horses image; it was shoot on a film camera (OM-40) with an old infested lens and thus the softness.

Wayne G says:

Excellent, thanks. More?

Tina Tippett says:

Are you still doing more of these ? And if yes, how to upload a photo and are the categories the same?

msmartinigirl1 says:

Loved this!!!

High Intensity Health says:

Where these edited in photoshop?

Marc Lapensée says:

Hi Toby, I missed this wildlife critique. I would love to have your feedback on one of my photo. Will you have more of the wildlife critiques? Thank you.

Enrique says:

Great video Toby, when it comes to teaching and/or instructional videos, you are one of the best. Very easy to understand and follow your point of view, logic and common sense. You are a “natural born teacher”. Thank you for sharing.


Bryce says:

What program was he using to edit the pictures?

KaleKain says:

That horse image was a tad stronger un-straightened I think.

nagol5178 says:

Some good looking images here. That first bird looks like a Phi grid. I use that over the rule of thirds. Lightroom will let you switch to the Phi grid by hitting O on the mac. I know you know this, just for anyone who's watching. Also, the Golden Ratio in a spiral, to change the spiral Shift+O

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